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Pumpkin farm.png

Pumpkins are unique plants and have very different growth behaviors from other crops. Pumpkins are not found as wild crops and seeds are rarely found inside loot vessels.

Crop Properties

Required Nutrient: P
Nutrient Consumption: 30
Growth Stages: 7
Total Growth Days: 3.5

Pumpkin Mother Plant

Pumpkins consist of three main components: The mother plant, vines and the fruit. The mother plant follows the growth behavior defined in the crop properties and behaves the way other crops do. However, once the plant reaches stage 3 or above it has a 50% chance to spawn a stage 1 vine on any of the 4 adjacent sides as long as the the position is occupied by air or a block with replaceable >= 6000 and that the supporting block (underneath) is solid. After 6 in game days it will no longer spawn vines.

Vine behavior

A vine will advance 1 stage every 12 in-game hours. During stage 2 it has a 50% change to spawn another stage 1 vine. The vine has a 75% chance to spawn in the opposite direction of the parent and a 25% to spawn to the left or right. Six in-game hours after reaching stage 3, this new vine has a 50% chance of becoming a flowering stage 3 vine.

  • At the beginning and end of each time interval, a flowering stage 3 vine has:
    • A 50% chance to spawn a pumpkin on any of the 4 adjacent sides (if free)
    • A 50% chance to revert to a normal stage 3 vine
    • After 3 time intervals it will turn back into a normal stage 3 vine

General guidelines

The vines rarely spread beyond 4 away from the mother plant. The longer vines grow straight out from the pumpkin therefore if planting seeds in a straight line, leave at least 8 blocks between mother plants. Plants will yield roughly 2.6 pumpkins on average.

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