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Stackable 64
Satiety 100
Category Vegetable
Fresh Time 504 hrs
Transition Time 96 hrs
Transition Ratio 0.5

Parsnip is a type of food crop that can be farmed. Parsnips are one of the few crops that use up phosphorus (P) nutrients in farming, making them useful in crop rotations.


Parsnips can be found growing in the world in temperate regions.


Parsnips can grow in temperatures from -10 - 32°C. They require 12 days to grow, and go through 8 growth stages. Parsnips use up 20% P nutrition from their farm plot.

Parsnips can be harvested by breaking the crop, either with no tool or with a scythe. When fully mature, crops yield multiple parsnips and at least one seed when harvested. Harvesting immature plants yields fewer parsnips and may not provide a seed.


Raw parsnips grant 100 vegetable satiety when eaten. Parsnips qualify as a vegetable for cooking recipes, including in meat stew, vegetable stew, soups and porridges. Parsnips, as a vegetable, benefit from storage in ceramic storage vessels, or in cellars. They can be further preserved through pickling.

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