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Panning is an early game method of acquiring metal ores from sand and gravel terrain blocks.

Materials Required

  • Gravel or sand blocks. Each block of sand or gravel fills the player's pan 8 times. (Muddy Gravel cannot be panned)
  • A Wooden Pan, crafted using a piece of log with a knife beside it in the crafting grid.

Panning Process

  1. Stand in a water block
  2. Place the sand or gravel block (to be panned) on dry land (not touching water).
  3. Place the pan in the hotbar and equip in the active hand
  4. Fill the pan: Aim the crosshairs at the gravel or sand block and use Right Mouse Button.
  5. Wash the pan: Aim the crosshairs at the water and Hold Right Mouse Button until the pan is empty
  6. Any items recovered from the process will transfer to the player's hotbar or inventory

Panning Loot!

Panning can provide players with a number of useful items including small stones for crafting, flint, ore nuggets (copper, zinc) and quartz chunks or clay. Panning can also provide rusty gears, arrowheads, and other treasures. Some players have even found resonance archives and even jewelry on rare occasions.