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Vintage Story Art Gallery

Currently, six decorative paintings are available to collect. These may be purchased from traders or while treasure hunting in ruins. Paintings can be placed on walls. Each painting occupies one block.

Forest Dawn

A radiant morning scene where the golden light of sunrise highlights a family of hares.
Grid forestdawn.png
The artist described her inspiration for this work: The sun awakens and smiling down upon the world, promises a hot day ahead. The cautious hares gather to enjoy the comfortable morning chill. Together in this shared moment, the rabbit family enjoys the fleeting beauty of the dawn, and symbolize the fragility of life.


A colorful composition of a hare bounding through a sunny flower-filled meadow.
Grid prey.png
The artist offers an explanation: Here, a rabbit in distress is pursued by an unknown hunter. The hare must run fast to escape the danger, or fall prey to the hunter we cannot see. This painting depicts the fragile nature of wildlife and how it is disrupted by sudden changes and events.


In this aquatic scene, the tawny fish are offset by the deep blue sea.
Grid underwater.png
The artist says: This is a light and playful scene of a mother and her children. Here, I wanted to capture the comfort that only a family provides. The safety of the family is portrayed by picturing the family in a patch dense seaweed, which shelters and protects the fish.

Fish and the Rain

The artist used a pale palate when capturing a rare moment of contact between natural elements in this subtle creation.
Grid fishandtherain.png
The artist said: This painting is dedicated to fond childhood memories of time spent with my father. I was inspired by a scene in a long lost ship that contained a room with a drained pool. The room had a glass ceiling, supported by columns with a fish scale pattern. The bottom of the pool had an engraving of large fish with missing eyes, surrounded by smaller engravings of sea creatures.


A peaceful masterpiece in earth tones, the artist painted a fanciful beast never seen in the world.
Grid elk.png
The artist reminds us: Nature and all the creatures we meet deserve our respect. This is a call to stand at a distance and simply observe the magnificence of those majestic creatures we may encounter. Here, this elegant elk is taking a relaxed evening stroll, but should not be underestimated. Graceful and clever, he is potentially deadly.


A moonlit forest rendered in shades of deep green contrast with the wolves featured in this composition.
Grid howl.png
The artist said: To me, wolves in this painting symbolize loneliness, hunger, and the struggle to survive. Nature is uncompromising, and I wanted to show the harsh environment hand in hand with peace and balance. This painting is a representation of the ability to experience a complete stillness within the comfort of the cold night.

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