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This page is written for Vintage Story version 1.12


Every mod needs some basic information to be recognized as a mod. This can either happen by putting this info into the assembly (not recommended anymore) or by using the modinfo.json. The modinfo.json sits at the root of your mod directory and looks for example like this:

  "type": "code",
  "modid": "myCoolMod",
  "name": "My cool Mod (very cool)",
  "author": "SakuraSpiritKid69",
  "description": "Mod that is so cool it freezes you.",
  "version": "1.2.3",
  "dependencies": {
    "game": "",


The following properties and values are supported, bold values are required.

Property Example Description
type "type": "code" The type of this mod. Can be "Theme", "Content" or "Code"
name "name": "My cool Mod" The name of this mod.
modid "modid": "myCoolMod" The mod id (domain) of this mod.
Must only contain lowercase letters and numbers. No special chars, whitespaces, uppercase letters, etc. allowed.
If it is not supplied it will be generated from the name, but it is recommended that you choose the id yourself because it will be used as a domain for your mod.
version "version": "1.2.3" Version of this mod (used for dependency resolution)
networkVersion "networkVersion" : "1.2.3" The network version of this mod.
Change this number when a user that has an older version of your mod should not be allowed to connected to server with a newer version.
Default value is the version.
textureSize "textureSize" : 32 If the mod is a texture pack that changes topsoil grass textures, define the texture size here. Default value = 32
description "description": "Mod that is so cool it freezes you." A short description of what this mod does.
website "website": "" Location of the website or project site of this mod.
authors "authors": ["SakuraSpiritKid69"] Names of people working on this mod.
contributors "authors": ["noone"] Names of people contributing to this mod.
side "side" : "Universal" Which side(s) this mod runs on. Can be "Server", "Client" or "Universal". Default value = "Universal"
requiredOnClient "requiredOnClient" = True If set to false and the mod is universal, clients don't need the mod to join. Default value = True
dependencies "dependencies": { "game": "1.12.14", "survival": "1.12.14"} List of mods (and versions) this mod depends on.