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The VS Model Creator is a tool to create custom shapes for blocks, items, and entities. You can download the newest version here.


Useful tips & tricks

  • Hold Shift on the Size/Position/Origin or UV Arrows to increase it's value only by 0.1 instead of 1
  • Hold Ctrl on the Position Arrows to also move the Origin Point
  • In the Size/Position/Origin Text fields you can use your mousewheel to modify the value increments of 1
    • You can also hold down Shift to do increments of 0.1
    • Or hold ctrl on the position fields to also move the origin
  • Hold Ctrl and click on a box in the middle window. It will select that box
    • Keep holding Ctrl to move the box around
    • Holding Ctrl with the right mouse button held down allows you to modify it's size, insted of the position

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