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A TreeAttribute is a nested data structure whose primary purpose is to store data. It can hold generic data for most primitives, such as int, string, float, as well as more complex types like ItemStacks and other TreeAttributes (hence a nested structure).

Additionally you can store data as byte[] if it is not supported by the TreeAttribute itself (for this you could use Vintagestory.API.Util.SerializerUtil). Attributes are written and read via keys.

To use TreeAttribute, add the using statement for Vintagestory.API.Datastructures.

Use in API

Within the API, TreeAttribute is often employed to store persistent entity data (items a basket contains, content of a barrel/bucket) and to access data extracted from JSON files. TreeAttribute is often supplied as the interface ITreeAttribute.

Example in code

using Vintagestory.API.Datastructures;

class Example
        // Setting and getting values
        TreeAttribute tree;
        tree = new TreeAttribute();

        float someValue = 0.35f;
        string someKey = "valueKey";

        // Set the value
        tree.SetFloat(someKey, someValue);
        // Retrieve the value

For documentation, see TreeAttribute and ITreeAttribute.