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Adding behaviors to your block

Block behaviors are an array of objects with properties attached to your block. Below is an example of two behaviors, one with properties and one without properties.

  behaviors: [{name: "behavior1", properties: {myProperty1: "myValue1", myProperty2: "myValue2"}},{name: "behavior2"}],

All Block Behaviors

Here is a table containing all properties of the base game as of 1.9.

Behavior Name Additional Properties Example Blocks Detail link
BreakIfFloating none rock Break if Floating
CanIgnite none torch Can Ignite
CollectFrom none henbox Collect From
Container none barrel, chest Container
ExchangeOnInteract exchangeStates (string array of block states)
sounds (path from sounds folder)
trapdoor Exchange On Interact
FiniteSpreadingLiquid liquidCollisionSound (path from sounds folder)
sourceReplacementCode (block code)
flowingReplacementCode (block code)
collidesWith (other liquid)
spreadDelay (int, default: 150)
water, lava Finite Spreading Liquid
Harvestable none bigberrybush, smallberrybush Harvestable
HorizontalAttachable handleDrops (bool, default: true) painting, shelf, toolrack Horizontal Attachable
HorizontalOrientable dropBlockFace (Compass Direction, default: "North")
dropBlock (block name)
bloomerybase, chest, skep Horizontal Orientable
HorizontalUpDownOrientable none - Horizontal Up/Down Orientable
Ignitable none charcoalpit Ignitable
Ladder dropBlockFace (face direction, Default: north) ladder Ladder
Lockable none chest, displaycase, door, trapdoor Lockable
NoParticles none - No Particles
NWOrientable none chimney, mannequin, path North/West Orientable
OmniAttachable facingPos (int, default: 1) lantern Omni-Attachable
OmniRotatable rotateSides (bool, default: false)
facing (string)
all slabs Omni-Rotatable
Pillar none axle, log Pillar
PushEventOnBlockBroken string EventName - Push Event on Block Broken
RightClickPickup none bucket, toolmold Right Click Pickup
Slab none plankslab, cobbleslab (all slabs) Slab
SneakPlacing none crock Sneak Placing
Unplaceable none pan Unplaceable
Unstable attachedToFaces (default: down) all crops Unstable
UnstableFalling none anvil, gravel, sand Unstable Falling

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