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Using block Entity Behaviors

Block entity behaviors are an expanded type of behavior that block entities can utilize. At the moment, these are mostly used by mechanical power blocks. If you're looking for regular block behaviors (which are used differently) they can be found here.

Otherwise, you can give your block entity behaviors with the following format:

entityBehaviors: [{ name: "BlockEntityBehavior" }]

Most block entity behavior classes can be viewed at the Vintage Story Github here for those looking to learn more about each.

All Block Entity Behaviors

Here is a table containing all classes used by blocks as of version 1.9.+

Class Name Example Blocks Description Github Link
Animatable brake, clutch - Animatable Block Entity Behavior Class
MPAngledGears angledgears - Angled Gears Block Entity Behavior Class
MPAxle axle - Axle Block Entity Behavior Class
MPBase - A generic mechanical power class that's used by most other behaviors. Otherwise this is not generally used in JSONS. Base Block Entity Behavior Class
MPBrake brake - Brake Block Entity Behavior Class
Combinable - - Combinable Entity Behavior Class
MPConsumer quern - Consumer Block Entity Behavior Class
MPToggle toggle - Block Toggle Entity Behavior Class
MPTransmission transmission - Transmission Block Entity Behavior Class
MPWindmillRotor windmillrotor - Windmill Block Entity Behavior Class

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