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Natural Generation

Meteorites are found near the surface, suevite impact rock or iron meteorite piece are evidence of the presence of a meteorite below.

Meteorites create very specifically shaped craters. If you learn to identify which holes have meteors you can get a nice source of iron!
Old impact crater remains, at the center lies a meteorite.
Impact crater excavated revealing meteoritic iron and suevite impact stone.


Iron meteorites contain a few meteoritic iron blocks right below the soil layer. This block needs an iron pickaxe to be mined and yields 3 to 5 iron meteorite pieces. Two of each gives one iron ingot and up to 12 pieces can be smelted in a single bloomery. The meteoric iron turns directly into iron ingots, unlike iron nuggets.

Suevite impact rock blocks have a small chance to drop a rough diamond.


  • In real life, suevite is formed in and around craters from sintered impact debris.
  • In real life, meteoric iron was used to make iron tools before humans had invented techniques to extract iron from ores.