List of server commands/debug

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  • /debug [logticks|tickhandlers|ci|cs|cr]
    Various debug commands
    • /debug logticks [milliseconds]
      If a server tick required more then supplied milliseconds to process, a breakdown of that tick will be logged to the server-main.txt
    • /debug tickhandlers
      Displays a summary of ticking blocks and entities are currently registered.
    • /debug tickhandlers dump [gtblock|gtentity|dcblock|sdcblock|dcentity]
      Dumps a complete list of all tick/callback listeners to the server-debug.txt
    • /debug ci
      Display some information on the current chunk the player is in
    • /debug cs
      Forcefully resends the current chunk the player is in
    • /debug cr
      Forcefully completely relights the chunk the player is in and all of them within one chunk of it
    • /debug helddurability [value]
      Sets the durability of the currently held item
    • /debug heldtemp [value]
      Sets the temperature of the currently held item
    • /debug heldstattr key [int|bool|string|tree|double|float] [value]
      Sets the attribute for the currently held item (e.g. /debug heldstattr key type normal-generic for chest-east).
    • /debug setgen [value]
      Set the generation of the currently looked entity
    • /debug printcl [all|missing]
      Print a full list of all/missing collectible codes to the server-debug.txt
    • /debug blockcodes
      Exports a full list of all block codes to the server-main.txt
    • /debug blockids
      Lists the blocks that consume most block ids to the server-main.txt
    • /debug privileges
      Change privilege debugging mode
    • /debug netbench
      Toggles network benchmarking
    • /debug tickposition
      Tick position
    • /debug stacktrace
      Stack trace
    • /debug chunksummary
      Chunk summary
    • /debug chunkmap
      Print a chunk map
    • /debug rebuildlandclaimpartitions
      Rebuild land claim partitions
    • /debug cgenq
      Currently chunks in generation queue
    • /debug octagonpoints
      Print octagon points
    • /debug cloh
      Compact a large object heap
    • /debug mainthreadstate
      Main thread state
    • /debug killmainthread
      Kill the main thread