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This is a list of commands that are executed on the server and therefor list/change things that may affect all players. Some of these commands may need coordinates, so make sure you use the right notation.

Server commands all start with a /

Multiplayer Commands for Players

Land claiming

List of server commands/land


List of server commands/group


These commands affect the players Worldmap and waypoints.

  • /waypoint [add|addat|list|remove]
    Add and edit your list of waypoints.
    • /waypoint add [color] [title]
      Adds a waypoint with given color and text at your current position. The color may be any named .NET Color or a Hex Code.
    • /waypoint addat [coords] [pinned] [color] [title]
      Add a waypoint at the given coordinates.
    • /waypoint addati [icon] ~0 ~0 ~0 [pinned] [colour] [title]
      Add a waypoint at your current location, including colour and icon info.
    • /waypoint list
      Shows a list of all player waypoints by id number.
    • /waypoint remove [id]
      Removes the waypoint id as shown in /waypoint list.


  • /kill
    Kills the player.

Commands for Moderators and Admins

  • /help
    List all commands.

Player Control

  • /giveblock [blockcode] [quantity] [toplayername]
    Creates an itemstack of given block with given stack size to given player name. If player name is not set, the own player is targeted.
  • /giveitem [itemcode] [quantity] [toplayername]
    Same as above but for items

List of server commands/gamemode

List of server commands/tp

  • /ban [reason]
    Ban a player.
  • /unban [playername]
    Unban a player.
  • /kick [reason]
    Kick a player.
  • /clear
    Removes all items from your inventory.

Privilege Control

  • /op [playername] Alias of /player [playername] role admin

List of server commands/role

List of server commands/player

World Control

  • /seed
    Shows the world seed

World Config

List of server commands/worldconfig


List of server commands/entity


List of server commands/time


List of server commands/weather

Server control and configuration

  • /stats
    Show current server statistics, tick rate, memory usage, etc..
  • /announce
    Announce a server wide message in all chat groups.
  • /welcome
    Sets the server's welcome message.
  • /stop
    Stops the server.
  • /list [clients|banned|role|privileges]
    Show various lists of infos.
    • /list clients
      Show current connected clients.
    • /list banned
      Show current list of banned players.
    • /list role
      Show list of all configured privilege roles.
    • /list privileges
      Show list of all configured privileges.

List of server commands/serverconfig

Utility and Debug Tools

  • /genbackup
    Creates a full copy of the current save game and stores it in the backups folder. Can be run without pausing the server.
  • /bir [getid|getcode|remap]
    Block id remapper tools. Useful to fix broken blocks after removing/updating custom blocks.
  • /forceloadchunks x1 z1 x2 z2 [sendtoclient]
    Tells the server to load given area and prevents unloading. If the boolean sendtoclient is added it will also forcefully send all these chunks to the client.
  • /sendchunks [0|1]
    Toggles whether to send any new chunks to the client. Forced chunks are still loaded.
  • /chunkunload [0|1]
    Toggles whether the server should automatically unload chunks that are no longer in range of any players and also send chunk unload commands to the clients.
  • /reloadmods
    Reloads all server mods that support reloading.
  • /cit
    Current chunk generation info.

List of server commands/debug

List of server commands/wgen

List of server commands/macro