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This is a list of commands that are executed on the server and therefor list/change things that may affect all players. Some of these commands may need coordinates, so make sure you use the right notation.

See also: List of client commands

1. Server commands all start with /
2. Do not type the [ and ] in the command syntax e.g. the correct command is  /time set 12  not  /time set [12]
3. After a change of server settings, the world needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Multiplayer Commands for Players


  • /land [claim|free|info|list]
    <translate> Claim an area of the world where only you can build or use blocks in.</translate>
  • /land list
    <translate> Displays a list of the claims that you made so far, you can use displayed index number to modify it, see below.</translate>
  • /land info
    <translate> Display information on the claimant of the current position, if there is any.</translate>
  • /land free [index]
    <translate> Deletes a claim of yours.</translate>
  • /land adminfree
    <translate> Deletes the claim of a player as an admin.</translate>
  • /land claim [load|new|grant|revoke|gn|ge|gs|gw|gu|gd|start|end|add|plevel|fullheight|save|cancel]
    <translate> Create or modify an existing claim.</translate>
    • /land claim load [0..999]
      <translate> Load an existing claim for modifying. Use index number as shown in /land list to select which claim.</translate>
    • /land claim new
      <translate> Create a new claim, also marks the start position.</translate>
    • /land claim grant [playername] [use|all]
      <translate> Grant given player access to your claim. 'use' for only use/interact rights, 'all' for use and place/break block rights.</translate>
    • /land claim revoke [playername]
      <translate> Revoke a previously granted privilege to given player on your claim.</translate>
    • /land claim grantgroup [groupname] [use|all]
      <translate> Grant given player group access to your claim. 'use' for only use/interact rights, 'all' for use and place/break block rights.</translate>
    • /land claim revokegroup [groupname]
      <translate> Revoke a previously granted privilege to given player group on your claim.</translate>
    • /land claim allowuseeveryone [true|false]
      <translate> Grant or Revoke use access to all players</translate>
    • /land claim start
      <translate> Mark a start position for a cuboidal area to be claimed.</translate>
    • /land claim end
      <translate> Mark an end position for a cuboidal area to be claimed.</translate>
    • /land claim [gn|ge|gs|gw|gu|gd] [-99..99]
      <translate> Grow the currently selected cuboid towards north/east/south/west/up/down by given length. If no length is supplied then the selection is grown by 1 block.</translate>
    • /land claim [sn|se|ss|sw|su|sd] [-99..99]
      <translate> Shrink the currently selected cuboid towards north/east/south/west/up/down by given length. If no length is supplied then the selection is shrunk by 1 block.</translate>
    • /land claim add
      <translate> Adds the currently selected cuboid to the currently edited claim. A claim may exist of multiple cuboids, as long as they are adjacent to eachother.</translate>
    • /land claim fullheight
      <translate> Vertically grow the currently selected cuboid to encompass the full height from world bottom to world top. Note that with default settings this is not possible because players cannot claim that many chunks.</translate>
    • /land claim save [description]
      <translate> Save current claim modifications and stop editing the current claim.</translate>
    • /land claim cancel
      <translate> Discard all modifications to this claim.</translate>


  • /group [create|disband|rename|invite|acceptinvite|leave|list|info|kick|op|deop]
    Create/manage or destroy a player group. Player groups currently only serve the function of offering a seperate channel to chat in in addition to granting access to claimed areas.
    • /group create [groupname]
      Creates a new player group, own chat channel. While in the this group's chat channel:
    • /group invite [group] [playername]
      Invites a player to this group
    • /group acceptinvite [groupname]
      Accept an invite to join the group
    • /group leave [group]
      Leaves this player group.
    • /group list
      Lists all groups you are currently in.
    • /group info [groupname]
      Lists the players of a group.
    • /group rename [oldgroupname] [newgroupname]
      Renames the group.
    • /group kick [group] [playername]
      Removes a player from the group.
    • /group op [group] [playername]
      Grants operator status to this player, which allows them to invite other players.
    • /group deop [group] [playername]
      Revokes operator status from this player.
    • /group disband [group]
      Destroy a player group. Must be owner to perform this command.


These commands affect the players Worldmap and waypoints.

  • /waypoint [add|addat|addati|list|remove]
    Add and edit your list of waypoints.
    • /waypoint add [color] [title]
      Adds a waypoint with given color and text at your current position. The color may be any named .NET Color or a Hex Code. Example: /waypoint add red copper
    • /waypoint addat [coords] [pinned] [color] [title]
      Add a waypoint at the given coordinates.
    • /waypoint addati [icon] ~0 ~0 ~0 [pinned] [colour] [title]
      Add a waypoint at your current location, including colour and icon info.
    • /waypoint list
      Shows a list of all player waypoints by id number.
    • /waypoint remove [id]
      Removes the waypoint id as shown in /waypoint list.


  • /kill
    Kills the player.


  • /emote [wave|cheer|shrug|cry|nod|facepalm|bow|laugh|rage]
    Character does an emote animation.

Commands for Moderators and Admins


  • /help
    List all server commands.


  • /giveblock [blockcode] [quantity] [toplayername] [attributes]
    Creates an itemstack of the specified block in the specified quantity, and gives it to the specified player. The player must have an empty inventory slot to receive the itemstack. Quantity, toplayername and attributes are optional. The default quantity is 1. If player name is not set, the command user's own player is targeted. If attributes are specified, they must be written in the same format as in a JSON file (note: spacing is optional in JSONs and it will be easier to omit spaces here)


  • /giveitem [itemcode] [quantity] [toplayername] [attributes]
    Same as above but for items.


  • /gamemode [0..4|guest|survival|creative|spectator]
    Mode names can be shortened to any length. Sets your game mode:
    • 0|guest Guest mode - Cannot place/remove any blocks but can interact with them
    • 1|survival Survival mode - Can slowly break/place blocks. Can die. Cannot fly. Survival inventory.
    • 2|creative Creative mode - Access to all blocks through the creative inventory. Instant block breaking. Cannot die. Can fly.
    • 3|spectator Spectator mode - Cannot place/remove blocks and cannot interact with anything, but can fly.
  • /gamemode [playername] [0..4]
    Sets the gamemode for given player.


  • /tp [coordinates]
    Teleport yourself to the position given.
    • /tp x y z
      Teleports the player to given pretty coordinate visible from the pretty coordinate box.
    • /tp =x =y =z
      Teleports the player to given absolute coordinate visible from the debug screen on ALT + F3.
    • /tp ~x ~y ~z
      Teleports player by a given relative distance, i.e. teleport ~1 ~0 ~0 will teleport the player one block in x direction.
  • /tp [playername] [coordinates]
    Teleport given player to a different position.
  • /tp [playername]
    Teleport yourself to given player.
  • /tpwp [starts with name]
    Teleport yourself to a waypoint.


  • /ban [playername] [reason]
    Ban a player.


  • /unban [playername]
    Unban a player.


  • /kick [playername] [reason]
    Kick a player.


  • /clearinv
    Removes all items from your inventory.

Privilege Control


  • /op [playername]
    Alias of /player [playername] role admin.


  • /role [rolename] [roleproperty]
    Display or modify [roleproperty] on role [rolename].
    • /role [rolename] spawnpoint [x] [y?] [z]
      Configure a role specific spawn point. Any player that has this role will spawn at this location.
    • /role [rolename] privilege [grant|revoke] [privelegename]
      Grant or revoke privileges from given role.
    • /role [rolename] landclaimallowance [value]
      Set the max allowed claimable area in cubic meters for every player that has this role. (default: 4 chunks = 4*32*32*32 cubic meters = 131072)
    • /role [rolename] landclaimmaxareas [value]
      Set the max quantity of non-adjacent areas a player may claim. (default: 3)
    • /role [rolename] landclaimminsize [x y z]
      Set the smallest cuboid a player may claim. (default: 6 by 6 by 6)


  • /player [playername] [whitelist|privilege|role|entity|stats|gamemode|landclaimallowance|landclaimmaxareas]
    Modify or display player data.
    • /player [playername] whitelist
      See current whitelist mode of given player.
    • /player [playername] whitelist on
      Adds a player to a server whitelist.
    • /player [playername] privilege
      Lists the players current privileges.
    • /player [playername] privilege [grant|revoke] [privilegename]
      Grants or revokes given privilege for this player.
    • /player [playername] role
      Shows the players current privilege role. (default: suplayer)
    • /player [playername] role [rolename]
      Sets the players current privilege role. (default: suplayer)
    • /player [playername] stats
      Shows a summary of the players current privileges.
    • /player [playername] gamemode [0..4 or partially/fully written game mode name]
      Shows or sets the players current game mode.
    • /player [playername] landclaimallowance [0..9999]
      Shows or sets a player specific extra land claim allowance, independent of the allowance set by the role. (default: 0)
    • /player [playername] landclaimmaxareas [0..9999]
      Shows or sets a player specific extra land claim areas allowance, independent of the allowance set by the role. (default: 0)
    • /player [playername] allowcharselonce
      Allows the player to re-select their class after doing so already.
    • /player [playername] entity
      Shows info (position, satiety, health) about the player.
      • /player [playername] entity temp [value]
        Set player's body temperature.
      • /player [playername] entity health [0.1-1]
        Set player's health. (default: 1, making the health by 100% of full health bar)
      • /player [playername] entity satiety [0.1-1]
        Set player's satiety. (default: 1, making the satiety by 100% of full satiety bar)

World Control


  • /seed
    Shows the world seed


Protip: Do not actually type the [ ] shown in this command syntax, that is intended only to show which values can be changed!

  • /worldconfig [config]
    Modify current play style. Most of these settings require a restart of the server to take effect.
    • /worldconfigcreate name datatype value
      Command to create world config values if they dont exist (datatype can be float double int string and bool)
      • /worldconfigcreate bool disableDeathMessages [true|false]
        Whether or not death messages will be displayed.
      • /worldconfigcreate bool windAffectedEntityMovement [true|false]
        Whether or not wind affects player and creature movement.
      • /worldconfigcreate bool allowCropDeath [true|false]
        Whether or not crops can die.
    • /worldconfig worldEdge [blocked|traversable]
      Wether you can fall off the world edge (default: traversable)
    • /worldconfig globalTemperature [0-5]
      Sets the global temperature multiplier for world generation. Does not affect already generated chunks. Useful values are between 0.1 and 5, where 0.1 is super cold, and 5 is super hot. (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig globalPrecipitation [0-5]
      Sets the global rainfall multiplier for world generation. Does not affect already generated chunks. Useful values are between 0.1 and 5, where 0.1 is super dry and 5 is super wet (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig globalForestation [-1 .. 1]
      Sets the global forestation offset for world generation. -1 means there will be no forests, 1 means there will be only forests, the value 0 means default forestation density (default: 0)
    • /worldconfig bodyTemperatureResistance [-40.. 40]
      Sets the temperature an undressed seraph can bear without starting to freeze
    • /worldconfig microblockChiseling [off|stonewood|all]
      Whether to allow microblock chiseling. 'stonewood' means all stone and wood materials are allowed. 'all' means most cubic blocks are allowed. (default: stonewood)
    • /worldconfig temporalStorms [off|veryrare|rare|somtimes|often|veryoften]
      How frequent temporal storms should be (default: sometimes)
    • /worldconfig tempstormDurationMul value
      Command to change the duration of temporal storms
    • /worldconfig temporalStability [false|true]
      Whether or not the temporal stability mechanic should apply (default: true)
    • /worldconfig deathPunishment [drop|keep]
      Whether to drop your inventory upon death (default: drop)
    • /worldconfig graceTimer [0-9999]
      How many days it takes for monster to appear (default: 5)
    • /worldconfig creatureHostility [aggressive|passive|off]
      Set default creature hostility (default: aggressive)
    • /worldconfig creatureStrength [0-99]
      Sets the creature damage multiplier (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig playerHealthPoints [1-999]
      Set the players base health points (default: 15)
    • /worldconfig playerHungerSpeed [0-10]
      Set the players hunger rate multiplier (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig playerMoveSpeed [0-10]
      Set the players move speed multiplier (default: 1.5)
    • /worldconfig blockGravity [sandgravel|sandgravelsoil]
      Set the block gravity behavior for either just sand and gravel or additionally also soil (default: sandgravel)
    • /worldconfig foodSpoilSpeed [0-10]
      Set the spoilage rate multiplier of all perishable foods, e.g. 0.5 means all food lasts twice as long (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig saplingGrowthRate [0.1-20]
      Set the sapling growth rate multiplier of all trees. (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig toolDurability [0-99]
      Set the tool durability multiplier, e.g. 2 means all tools have double durability. (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig toolMiningSpeed [0-99]
      Set the tool mining speed multiplier, e.g. 2 means all tools have break blocks twice as fast. (default: 1)
    • /worldconfig allowCoordinateHud [true|false]
      Whether or not players are allowed to used the coordinate hud. (default: true)
    • /worldconfig allowMap [true|false]
      Whether or not players are allowed to used the world map. (default: true)
    • /worldconfig allowLandClaiming [true|false]
      Whether or not players are allowed to use the land claiming system. (default: true)
    • /worldconfig surfaceCopperDeposits [0-5]
      Set chance of surface copper spawning for each chunk column (default: 0.1)
    • /worldconfig surfaceTinDeposits [0-5]
      Set chance of surface tin spawning for each chunk column (default: 0.07)
    • /worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius [0-12]
      If above zero, a second prospecting mode will be enabled that allows for exact searches at the defined radius (default: 0)
    • /worldConfig seasons [enabled or spring]
      If enabled, seasons will pass over time, otherwise 'spring' will make the climate always stay at spring (default: enabled)
    • /worldConfig daysPerMonth [1-99]
      Set the amount of days each month has. Setting it to a higher value will make seasons go by slower (default: 12)
    • /worldConfig snowAccum [true|false]
      If true, snow will accumulate during winter (default: true)
    • /worldConfig harshWinters [true|false]
      If true, cold temperatures will damage crops, reduce animal spawn during winter and reduce meat harvested from animals (default: true)
    • /worldConfig globalDepositSpawnRate [0.1 - 5]
      Set a global ores and mineral deposit spawn rate (default: 1)
    • /worldConfig spawnRadius [number]
      Sets how far players spawn in a radius from world spawn.


  • /entity [spawn|countbytype|removebytype|countbyclass|removebyclass|listnearest|debug|removebyid]
    Spawn, remove, and count entities (item drops, creatures, etc).
    • /entity spawn [entitytype]
      Spawn an entity by type. Valid types can be found in the survival mod assets folder /entities.
    • /entity countbytype [entitytype]
      Count how many entities of a given type exist. entitytype can use wildcards, eg drifter-* counts drifters of any type.
    • /entity removebytype [entitytype]
      Remove all entities of a given type. entitytype can use wildcards.
    • /entity remove [entitytype]
      Short hand for /entity removebytype
    • /entity countbyclass [entityclass]
      Count how many entities of a given class, such as EntityItem or EntityAgent, exist.
    • /entity countg
      List a summary of all nearby entities, grouped by the first code part (wolf, sheep, etc)
    • /entity removebyclass [entityclass]
      Remove all entities of a given class.
    • /entity listnearest [x y z] (ver-range) (hor-range)
      Show a summary of all nearby entities at given range. If x/y/z coords are not supplied, the current player position is taken
    • /entity debug [0|1]
      Enable entity debug mode, this will send continous debug information to all connected clients, which are displayed above the entity if the client used the command .clientConfig showEntitydebuginfo 1
    • /entity removebyid [entityid]
      Used to remove one specific entity. Find the entity id by using ".clientConfig showEntityDebuginfo". Useful for removing a specific trader permanently, for instance.


  • /time [set|get|speed]
    Time related functions
    • /time
      Shows current time.
    • /time set [lunch|day|night|latenight|morning|latemorning|sunrise|sunset|afternoon|midnight|witchinghour]
      Sets the clock to the given time of day.
    • /time set [time]
      Sets the clock to the time given in hours, in 24 hour format. E.g. 1.5 is 1:30 AM.
    • /time setmonth [jan|feb|mar|apr|may|jun|jul|aug|sep|oct|nov|dec]
      Sets the calendar to the given month of the year
    • /time add [hours]:[minutes]
      Adds given hours and minutes to the calendar.
    • /time speed [0-9999]
      Shows or sets current game time speed (default 60).
    • /time hoursperday [0-9999]
      Shows or sets the current hours per day (default 24).
    • /time calendarspeedmul
      Shows or set the calendar speed multiplier, changing the overall time speed in game (default 0.5, making the hours pass by 50% of normal speed).
Time name Time value
lunch 12
day 12
night 20
latenight 22
morning 8
latemorning 10
sunrise 6.5
sunset 17.5
afternoon 14
midnight 0
witchinghour 3


  • /weather [setprecip|stoprain|acp|lp|t|c|setw|setev|setevr|set|seti|setirandom|setir]
    Controls weather and wind patterns. If /weather is run by itself it prints the current weather stats.
    • /weather setprecip [-1..1|auto]
      Running with no arguments returns the current precip. override, if one is set. Including an argument overrides the precipitation intensity and in turn also the rain cloud overlay. -1 removes all rain clouds, 0 stops any rain but keeps some rain clouds, while 1 causes the heaviest rain and full rain clouds. The server will remain indefinitely in that rain state until reset with auto or /weather acp.
    • /weather stoprain
      Stops any current rain.
    • /weather acp
      Toggles auto-changing weather patterns.
    • /weather lp
      Lists all loaded weather patterns.
    • /weather t
      Transitions to a random weather pattern.
    • /weather c
      Quickly transitions to a random weather pattern.
    • /weather setev [event]
      Sets a weather event globally.
    • /weather setevr [event]
      Set a weather event only in the player's region.
    • /weather setw [lightbreeze|mediumbreeze|still|storm|strongbreeze]
      Sets the current wind pattern to the given wind pattern.
    • /weather [set|seti] [weatherpattern]
      Instantly sets the weather pattern to weatherpattern.
    • /weather setirandom
      Instantly sets the weather to a random weather pattern.
    • /weather setir [weatherpattern]
      Instantly sets the weather to [weatherpattern] only in the current region.

Server control and configuration


  • /serverconfig [config]
    Modify or display the server config [config]
    • /serverconfig maxchunkradius [integer]
      Displays the max chunk radius. Sets the max chunk radius to the integer passed, which is the highest chunk radius a player may load.
    • /serverconfig maxclients [integer]
      Displays the max clients. Sets the max number of connected clients to the integer passed.
    • /serverconfig password [string]
      Sets the server password that is required to connect to the server. It may not contain spaces.
    • /serverconfig nopassword
      Removes the password protection.
    • /serverconfig antiabuse [Off|Basic|Pedantic]
      Sets anti-abuse level, this protects against a range of malicious player operations, but is currently a work in progress.
    • /serverconfig allowpvp [bool]
      Control allowing players to combat each other.
    • /serverconfig onlywhitelist [bool]
      Control allowing only whitelisted players to connect to the server.
    • /serverconfig entityspawning [bool]
      Control global entity spawning. Disabling it will cause no creatures to spawn (default: on).
    • /serverconfig tickrate [10-100]
      Shows or sets the server tick rate. A higher tickrate makes the server more responsive. A lower tick rate has the opposite effect.
    • /serverconfig blockTickSamplesPerChunk
      Control how many random update ticks per chunk should be executed.
    • /serverconfig defaultSpawn [x y? z]
      Shows or sets the default spawn point. y can be omitted to automatically use the surface position at given x/z location.
    • /serverconfig setspawnhere
      Sets the default spawn point to where the player is currently standing.
    • /serverconfig passtimewhenempty [bool]
      Shows or sets if time should pass when the server has no connected players.
    • /serverconfig spawncapplayerscaling [0..1]
      Helps to evenly distribute mob spawns around each player. A value of 0 means no extra mobs can spawn on increased player count, a value of 1 means a second player doubles the spawn cap, 3 players triple the spawn cap and so on (default: 0.75).


  • /stats
    Show current server statistics, tick rate, memory usage, etc..


  • /announce [message]
    Announce a server wide message in all chat groups.


  • /welcome [message]
    Sets the server's welcome message.


  • /stop
    Stops the server.


  • /list [clients|banned|role|privileges]
    Show various lists of information.
    • /list clients
      Show current connected clients.
    • /list banned
      Show current list of banned players.
    • /list role
      Show list of all configured privilege roles.
    • /list privileges
      Show list of all configured privileges.

Utility and Debug Tools


  • /fixmapping applyall
    Applies block and item remapping in order to upgrade to a new version of the game


  • /genbackup [filename]
    Creates a full copy of the current save game and stores it in the backups folder. Can be run without pausing the server. If no filename is supplied, it will generate one based on the current date and time


  • /bir [getid|getcode|remap]
    Block id remapper tools. Useful to fix broken blocks after removing/updating custom blocks.


  • /forceloadchunks x1 z1 x2 z2 [sendtoclient]
    Tells the server to load given area and prevents unloading. If the Boolean sendtoclient is added it will also forcefully send all these chunks to the client.


  • /sendchunks [0|1]
    Toggles whether to send any new chunks to the client. Forced chunks are still loaded.


  • /chunkunload [0|1]
    Toggles whether the server should automatically unload chunks that are no longer in range of any players and also send chunk unload commands to the clients.


  • /reloadmods
    Reloads all server mods that support reloading.


  • /cit
    Current chunk generation info.


  • /whenwillitstopraining
    Tells when the rain should stop.


  • /debug [logticks|tickhandlers|ci|cs|cr]
    Various debug commands
    • /debug logticks [milliseconds]
      If a server tick required more then supplied milliseconds to process, a breakdown of that tick will be logged to the server-main.txt
    • /debug tickhandlers
      Displays a summary of ticking blocks and entities are currently registered.
    • /debug tickhandlers dump [gtblock|gtentity|dcblock|sdcblock|dcentity]
      Dumps a complete list of all tick/callback listeners to the server-debug.txt.
    • /debug ci
      Display some information on the current chunk the player is in
    • /debug cs
      Forcefully resends the current chunk the player is in
    • /debug cr
      Forcefully completely relights the chunk the player is in and all of them within one chunk of it
    • /debug helddurability [value]
      Sets the durability of the currently held item
    • /debug heldtemp [value]
      Sets the temperature of the currently held item
    • /debug blockcodes
      Exports a full list of all block codes to the server-main.txt
    • /debug blockids
      Lists the blocks that consume most block ids to the server-main.txt


  • /wgen World generation tools. Some examples
    • /wgen pos climate Shows climate info at the current position
    • /wgen testmap climate Generates a 512x512 example climate map as a png, saved where the game executables is.


  • /macro [addcmd|setcmd|syntax|desc|priv|save|delete|show|list]
    Create a server side macro that can execute one or more commands
    • /macro addcmd [command]
      Add a command to a temporary macro.
    • /macro setcmd [command]
      Override a command to a temporary macro.
    • /macro [syntax]
      Sets the syntax help info displayed when using /help [name].
    • /macro [desc]
      Sets the description text displayed when using /help [name]
    • /macro [priv]
      Sets the privilege required to execute this command, e.g. controlserver if only for admins or, build for any player with build rights.
    • /macro show
      Shows the contents of the temporary macro currently being defined by above commands.
    • /macro save [name]
      Saves the temporary macro defined by above command to given command name.
    • /macro list
      Shows a list of all saved macros.
    • /macro show [name]
      Shows the contents of a saved macro.
    • /macro delete [name]
      Deletes a previously saved macro.
    • /macro discard [name]
      Discards the temporary macro.