Leather Working

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Leather Working

Leather Working is a specialized barrel crafting process that players can use to convert raw hides into leather.

Required materials

To create leather, a player needs

  • Hides to process
  • A series of three barrels to process raw hides
  • A supply of oak logs (See chart to identify oak) to make tannin.
  • A bucket to transfer liquid, (how to craft a bucket)
  • A supply of lime, which can be made using a quern to grind chalk or limestone small stones.
    • If a quern is not available, small stones can be crushed with a hammer in the crafting grid to produce lime.

Copper hammer

Chalk stone

Crushed chalk

Preparing the Solutions

  • A Bucket holds 10 L of liquid.
  • A Barrel holds 50 L or 5 Buckets of liquid.

Barrel Recipes

  1. Limewater (immediate): 5 Buckets of water + 50 pieces of lime into the input slot. This solution is ready immediately.
  2. Weak Tannin (1d): 5 Buckets of water + 5 Oak logs to the input slot and seal. In 24 hours, the solution will be ready to use.
  3. Strong Tannin (2d): 5 Buckets of water + 5 Oak logs to the input slot and seal. In 24 hours, add 5 additional logs and seal for an additional 24 hours.

Per Bucket Recipes

Sometimes we don't have enough resources to make full barrels of solutions. It's not necessary to make a full barrel as the recipes are based on "buckets". To reduce recipes for based on resource requirements and make "partial barrels" of solutions:

  1. Limewater bucket: each bucket of water = 10 pieces of lime (ground chalk or limestone)
  2. Weak Tannin bucket: each bucket of water = 1 oak log (24 h)
  3. Strong Tannin bucket: each bucket of water = 1 oak log (24 h); 1 oak log (24 h)

Hide Processing Sequence

Players may only process one "size" of hide at a time (small, medium, or large). Once the barrels are sealed, players cannot move them until the process is complete, at which point the barrels will automatically open.

  1. Place small, medium or large hides into the lime solution and seal the barrel.
  2. Wait 20 hours and remove the "soaked hides"
  3. Put a knife and the soaked hides into your crafting grid to "scrape" the hides.
  4. Remove the scraped hides and place them into the input slot in the weak tannin solution and seal the barrel.
  5. Wait 4 days and remove the "prepared hides"
  6. Place the prepared hides into the input slot in the strong tannin solution and seal the barrel.
  7. Wait 4 days and remove the "leather".

NOTE: Players will NOT receive the same number of leather pieces OUT as the number of hides put IN. Each hide is converted into a number of usable leather pieces (small = 1, medium = 2, large = 3)

Calculating the Amounts of Solutions Required

Each barrel will process a maximum number of hides, which is based on the "sizes" of the hides. The barrel of solution will not seal if too many items are placed into the input slot.

  • Large = 8, requires 6L of solutions per hide (max 8 X 6 = 48 L)
  • Medium = 12, requires 4L of solutions per hide (max 12 X 4 = 48 L)
  • Small = 25, requires 2L of solutions per hide (max = 25 X 2 = 50 L)

When using a partial barrel of any solution, a player will not be able to process the maximum number of hides. To determine what can be processed using the available solutions, a player can math it out, and arrive at combinations like those shown below (not all inclusive, just some examples).

Buckets Max L/M Max L/S Max M/S
4 (40 L) 5L + 0M 5L + 0S 10M + 0S
3 (30 L) 4L + 1M 4L + 3S 7M + 1S
2 (20 L) 3L + 0M 3L + 1S 5M + 0S
1 (10 L) 1L + 1M 1L + 2S 2M + 1S

A simple in game method is to place the hides into the input slot and remove one at a time until the barrel GUI reports a number of items that will result from the process after sealing.

Solution Remnants

Even if processing the "Maximum" number of hides, a player will not use all the solutions in the barrels as this requires 48 L of solutions in each barrel. After processing, a player would have 2 L remaining (which is just enough to process one small hide and clear your remnants). A player can remove the remaining solution using a bucket and transfer it to an empty liquid storage vessel. Or, break the barrels and the solution will "spill" out. When the barrel is replaced it will be empty and ready for new solutions.

Processing Efficiency

Alternatively, one can divide and process in combinations designed to ensure that all 50 L are used and that no solution remains.

Large Medium Small
6 5 0
8 0 2
0 10 5

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