Installing the game on Linux

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Running Vintage Story on Windows can be a seamless experience, since the .NET Framework (That the game runs on top of) is integrated with the OS and can be easily installed. However, the .NET Framework was designed to target Windows platforms only, which means that running Vintage Story on other Operative Systems involves some additional steps.

Installing mono

In order to play Vintage Story on Linux, you will need to use an utility called mono. This will allow you to run other .NET Framework applications too, and also create your own mods.

  • When installing mono on Ubuntu/Debian/Raspbian/CentOS/Fedora, please refer to the instructions here.
  • When installing mono on ArchLinux or any Arch-based distro (Manjaro, Antergos, etc), refer to the instructions here.

Launching the game

After installing mono, you're ready to start the game.

  • Open a new terminal.
  • Navigate to the game folder.
  • Type mono Vintagestory.exe and hit enter.

The game files also contain a script called that installs the game in ~/ApplicationData/vintagestory/ and creates a shortcut on your desktop.