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Base Attack 0.0
Abilities Eats Crops
Seek Range XX

Natural Generation (Spawning)

Hares are mobs that spawn in light levels XX and higher, at temperatures between -XX and XX, in areas with as little as 0.XX rainfall. They spawn in average groups of 1-4. Hares reproduce in the world. When a female is within a certain range of a male, she will become pregnant and give birth to baby hares.


Hares seek plants to eat, including all player crops grown in farming (except pumpkins). If a hare finds the player's farm, the animal will eat the growing crops whether the plants are ready to harvest or not. If the hare consumes the crop before the plant is mature, this "harvesting" action might cost the player seeds, which are not always recovered as a drop. Hares always flee from players and other mobs within about 12 blocks. Adults can only jump one block. This means hares can not jump over fences or out of pits 2 blocks deep.

Receiving Damage

Hares flee from players.


Hares cannot be domesticated, but can be killed and butchered for products.


Butcher the animal using a knife in the active hand. Hold Shift + Right Mouse button until the butchering process is complete and the GUI opens to allow players to remove products. *Hares are a source of red meat and sometimes raw hide.