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7x7 farmland with a water source block
the buff will appear inside a finished greenhouse

A Greenhouse is a structure intended to make cultivating crops possible in colder climates or for multiple harvests into autumn or winter. If built correctly, the farmland inside of the structure will show an additional line for the effect of "+5°C". Which means that crops growing inside of the structure on these farmland blocks will be 5°C warmer than those outside at all times. For further Information on the effects of temperature on crops, please refer to the Farming page.

Tip: Please don't use glasshouses in already warm climates. No need to torture your soybeans unnecessarily.


The following building requirements must be met to designate a building as a greenhouse:

  • A greenhouse structure can have a maximum inner size of 7x7x7 blocks. Smaller sizes in all dimensions are possible, but never more than 7 blocks in any one dimension. Only the direct walls count, the corner rows can be left out without affecting the room recognition.
  • The roof needs to be at least 50% transparent material (glass, quartz glass, coloured glass or even glacier ice) with a direct open line to the sky. There cannot be any other blocks between the greenhouse roof and the sky, meaning greenhouses are impossible underground, even if there are sufficient light sources. The roof can be made from slabs or full blocks, and it does not need to be flat - however, using lower slabs seems to be impossible at the moment, and combining more then 3 layers of blocks/slabs on different heights tends to invalidate the bonus - if you have eliminated all other causes for error and the buff still doesn't apply, try making the roof flat(er).
  • The ground must be built from full blocks, path blocks, or farmland. Ensure that there are full blocks under each farmland or path block.
  • The walls can be slabs or full blocks of any kind. Several greenhouses can share the same walls. Slabs can be oriented both outward or inward. The whole greenhouse could be lowered into the ground completely to leave the roof on ground level as well, as dirt and stone are both accepted block types for the walls. However, the player should ensure to not be too far below sea level, incurring the underground farming effect.
  • You can put a water source block in the greenhouse, but be sure to have a full block beneath it. To save room, it is possible to hide the water source under the outer walls.
  • No chiselled blocks are allowed in the walls, ground or roof - though it is fine to chisel any nearby blocks not directly part of the structure.
It might take a little bit of time before the +5°C buff appears on the farmland blocks inside of the structure, and not all blocks will be updated simultaneously. To be precise, every farmland block checks for a greenhouse after a maximum of 4 ingame hours - plus minus a few seconds - and will check in every direction for walls & roof stopping the search in the allowed distance of up to 7 blocks.

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