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Players can create several different versions of glass blocks: Clear Glass, Quartz glass, and colored glass including Smoky, Green, Pink, and Violet. All types of glass are crafted as full blocks and can be cut in half producing two glass slabs (half-blocks) in the crafting grid.

Stained glass of other colors (Yellow, Brown, Red, and Blue, and additionally Green and Violet) can be purchased from Luxury Traders.

Crafting Quartz Glass

Quartz Glass blocks require sticks, and clear quartz ore obtained by panning, collected from small stones, or mined from rock to create.

  • Block Shapes: Only Full Blocks may be created. Glass Slabs (half-block) are created in the crafting grid.
  • Material Variant: Only clear quartz variant can be used to craft these blocks, which are not 100% transparent.
  • Appearance: The type of materials does not affect the appearance of the block. All quartz glass has the same appearance.









Crafting Clear Glass and Colored Variants

The only types of glass made this way are Clear, Smoky, Pink, Violet, and Green glass. Quartz Glass is crafted as detailed in the section above. Other colors, such as Yellow, Brown, Red, and Blue, can only be obtained through Luxury Traders. Violet and Green glass are exceptions that can be both smelted and purchased.

  • Note: Green glass costs twice as many gems to make one piece of glass (so a full bloomery requires 48 chunks instead of 24, making the same 12 pieces of glass) but is otherwise the same method.

Glass blocks require charcoal (or other fuel source with a burn temperature at or above 1200°C), a bloomery, and quartz ore obtained by panning, collected from small stones, or mined from rock to create. A maximum of 24 quartz chunks may be added to create 12 glass blocks in one firing (or 48 chunks to 12 green glass in the case of olivine), as each glass block requires two quartz chunks (or four in the case of Green Glass).

  • Block Shapes: Only Full Blocks may be created. Glass Slabs (half-block) are created in the crafting grid.
  • Material Variant: Any quartz variant (Including clear quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, or olivine) can be used to craft glass in this way. The table below shows the different types of quartz and the glass they smelt into.
All different colors of glass.
Quartz Type Resulting Glass
Quartz Chunk Clear Glass
Clear Quartz Clear Glass (When smelted)
Smoky Quartz Smoky Glass
Rose Quartz Pink Glass
Amethyst Violet Glass
Olivine Green Glass
  • Appearance: Different glasses will be tinted in different colors depending on the quartz used (with the notable exception of clear quartz when it is smelted.)

Glass is crafted using a bloomery. For more information about how to use the bloomery, see the bloomery page.

Crafting Glass Slabs

Glass blocks of all types can be cut into two glass slabs using a saw in the crafting grid as shown below:









Glass or quartz glass slabs are used to craft lanterns. All Lanterns have a light level of 18 currently, although lanterns made out of silver or gold plates should give an extra +1 for the lightning level, stackable with the bonus for lining.







Lined Lantern

The lined lantern provides 2 more levels of luminosity than the common lantern, and requires a silver or gold plate to craft. Lining can be added to lanterns post-creation, however this cannot be done in the crafting grid. Instead, the lantern needs to be placed on the ground and right clicked with a plate of choice. This will consume the plate and change the lantern to a lined one of the specific metal.








Colored lanterns

You can change the color of the lantern's light by right-clicking on a placed lantern with a colored glass (you won't get the previous glass back).

Building Component

Glass Blocks and slabs are also used to create windows and skylights in player structures. Other stained glass (red, yellow, blue, purple and brown) cannot be crafted as of game version 1.11, but can be purchased from traders for rusty gears.

  • Breaking a glass block using an empty hand - or any tool, except for the prospecting pick - does NOT destroy the glass. Glass blocks may be broken and replaced as needed.

Table: Block Types

Type Full Block Half Block (slab)
Quartz Glass    
Green Glass    

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