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Vintage Story Pottery Gallery

Flowerpots and planters are decorative blocks in which players can plant flowers, mushrooms, or saplings.


Players can craft plain, undecorated flowerpots or planters through clay forming. More elaborately decorated containers, such as those shown below, can be obtained by delving in ruins or purchased from traders. Many flowerpots have matching planters, while others do not. Decorated planters and flowerpots also have corresponding storage vessels, which are not shown below.


Place the planter or flowerpot on the surface of a solid block. Flowers, mushrooms, or saplings can be placed by simply using them on the vessel. Breaking the container will allow the player to pick up the container and the planted item.

Decorated Planter and Flowerpot Sets

Decorated Flowerpots

Decorated Planters


Both planters and flowerpots stack to 64, and while they are usually placed in the world, can be stored in stationary containers. Flowerpots and planters are pottery items that cannot be placed on shelves, unlike crucibles, crocks, and bowls.

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