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The firepit is a multi-use functional block that provides a source of light and heat, and is used in conjunction with multiple game mechanics including cooking, clay forming and casting.


Required Materials: dry grass and 4 firewood, additional fuel is required for each use. A firestarter or torch is required to light the firepit.

  1. Collect dry grass by harvesting grass with a knife.
  2. Place an axe and a wood log in the crafting grid to produce at least 4 firewood.
  3. With dry grass in the active hand, place the dry grass on a solid block.
  4. Add 4 firewood using the same method.
  5. Ignite the firepit using the firestarter.
  6. The firepit will remain lit for a short time without additional fuel.


Once created, a firepit is permanent and can be reused by adding fuel into the firepit and re-ignited using a firestarter or torch.

Firepits are commonly used for:

Firepit GUI

Opening the firepit GUI, reveals three slots:

  • Top Left: Input to be heated
  • Top Right: Output Completed/Finished items
  • Bottom Left: Fuel Slot

Processing Items

  1. Place the item to be processed into the top left slot. In the case of containers, crucible or claypot, additional items must be added into the container GUI, which expands to 4 input slots.
  2. Add fuel to the bottom left slot. Different fuels burn at different temperatures and duration, see fuel for more information.
  3. Wait for the firepit to achieve and maintain the required temperature for the process. Be sure to add enough of the correct fuel type to complete the process! In the case of containers, if the items added do not create a valid recipe, the item will not heat.
  4. When complete, the item will shift to the output slot and can be removed by the player.


A firepit cannot be moved once created, nor can it be stored in any inventory or container. Breaking the only drops its contents. A firepit can be used to store items in the input slot.