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Stationary Containers

Stationary containers can be transported when empty like any other block. They have to be placed to be filled and are then left in place. They cannot be transported with items inside.

Basket - A basket is made from 24 cattails and has 8 slots.

Chest - A chest is made from 8 planks and has 16 slots.

Tool rack - A tool rack is made from 6 sticks and has spaces for 4 tools.

Flower Pot - A flower pot is made from 5 clay via the clay forming interface. It holds 1 flower.

Some items such as metal ingots, fired clay moulds & firewood do not need to be stored in containers because they can be stored on the floor.

Carriable Containers

Carriable containers add additional inventory slots. The carriable containers are placed in the four right hand slots in the hot bar, which are known as container slots. The additional inventory slots appear to the left of the crafting grid in the order in which the portable containers are placed in the container slots. You do not have to have all one type of container. You can place different types of carriable container in different container slots.

When you remove a container from the right hand container slots on the hot bar the contents are lost. Ensure you remove the contents of the container before you remove the container.

Basket - A basket is made from 8 cattails and adds 2 additional inventory slots.

Bag - A bag is made from 1 ball of flax twine and 1 normal stitched linen. It adds 4 additional inventory slots.

Backpack - A backpack is made from 4 raw hides and adds 6 additional inventory slots.