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Grid Coke.png
Stackable 64
Temperature 1350°C
Duration 40 s

Coke is a fuel source that can be produced by refining coal .

Fuel Source

Coke is not a naturally occurring fuel source, but instead it can be manufactured by burning coal in an airtight environment.
Both coke and charcoal are accepted carbon sources for the Steel Making process, thus coke provides an alternative fuel source, but is otherwise not better or worse than charcoal.

Coke Making

To produce coke, the player needs a specific coke oven that can be build using either fire clay bricks or refractory bricks of any tier. Note that none of the blocks will take damage in the process, regardless of their heat resistance. Depending on how much fire clay or other materials the player has, it might be more efficient to build out of fire clay bricks or out of refractory bricks.
Furthermore, the oven needs to be closed by a coke oven door, which is a smaller iron door.

Brown coal (lignite) or black coal (bituminous) can be used in the oven to make coke. While both take the same amount of time to process, a full stack of brown coal will only yield 8 coke, while an equal amount of black coal will yield 12 coke.
To start the process, simply layer coal in the oven, ignite with a torch and close the coke oven door. Smoke will start rising from the middle block of the structure, similar to the smoke created above a charcoal pit. Note that it might take a few seconds until the smoke starts showing up. Close the door, as the coal will not transform if the door is left open.

Oven Structure

The oven structure needs to be exactly 3x3x3 blocks in size, with the block in the very centre left open. An opening to one side should be left for the coke oven door.
It is possible for two coke ovens (or more) to share a wall.

Shopping List

To build a coke oven structure, the player needs the following items :

  • One coke oven door = 4 iron ingots, although it is recommended to craft it from 2 plate instead for ease of smithing.
  • If using fire clay bricks: 832 fire clay which is exactly 13 stacks, as well as 26 mortar .
  • If using refractory bricks: 412 fire clay, which is about six and a half stacks, as well as 26 mortar. Additionally, 26 of each used powdered material are necessary, for details on the crafting of refractory bricks, see Steel Making .

Video Tutorials

How to build a coke oven & produce coke

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