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Clothes are decorative items that can be worn in several of the player's clothing slots. Clothes provide protection from cold depending on their condition. Clothes can be repaired by left-clicking a worn clothing item in the character screen with a flax twine for 10 % or linen for 50 %. Clothing slowly degrades over time, needing to be repaired about once per year. Clothes that reach 0 % durability do not get destroyed.


All arm clothes provide 0 warmth.

Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes
Clothes-arm-bronze-armlet.png Bronze armlet No
Clothes-arm-bronze-bracelet.png Bronze bracelet No
Clothes-arm-copper-bracelet.png Copper bracelet No
Clothes-arm-leather-bracers.png Leather bracers Yes
Clothes-arm-merchant-bracelet.png Merchant bracelet No
Clothes-arm-prisoner-binds.png Prisoner binds No
Clothes-arm-rosary.png Rosary No
Clothes-arm-silver-bracelet.png Silver bracelet No
Clothes-arm-silver-chain.png Silver chain No
Clothes-arm-squire-bracers.png Squire bracers No


All emblem clothes provide 0 warmth.

Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes
Clothes-emblem-blue-seal.png Blue Seal No
Clothes-emblem-brass-ruby-brooch.png Brass ruby brooch No
Clothes-emblem-messenger-pin.png Messenger pin No
Clothes-emblem-royal-pin.png Prince emblem No
Clothes-emblem-silver-pin.png Silver pin No
Clothes-emblem-silver-star.png Silver star No
Clothes-emblem-squire-emblem.png Squire emblem No
Clothes-emblem-blackguard-pin.png Blackguard Pin No
Clothes-emblem-malefactor-pendant.png Malefactor Bloody Pendant No


All face clothes provide 0.25 warmth.

Item Icon Item Name Craftable By All Classes
Clothes-face-leather-reinforced-mask.png Leather reinforced mask Yes
Clothes-face-hunter-mask.png Hunter face mask No
Clothes-face-malefactor-mask.png Malefactor whitewood mask No
Tailor mask No
Clothes-face-forlorn-veil.png Forlorn Hope veil No


Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable By All Classes
Clothes-foot-aristocrat-shoes.png Aristocrat shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-great-steppe-boots.png Great Steppe boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-fur-lined-reindeer-herder-shoes.png Fur lined reindeer herder shoes 1.5 Clothier Only
Clothes-foot-high-leather-boots.png High leather boots 1 Yes
Clothes-foot-jailor-boots.png Jailor boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-knee-high-fur-boots.png Knee-high fur boots 3 Yes
Clothes-foot-lackey-shoes.png Lackey shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-merchant-shoes.png Merchant shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-messenger-shoes.png Messenger shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-metalcap-boots.png Metalcap boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-minstrel-boots.png Minstrel boots 1 Yes
Clothes-foot-noble-shoes.png Noble shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-peasent-slippers.png Peasant slippers 0.5 Yes
Clothes-foot-prince-boots.png Prince boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-prisoner-binds.png Prisoner binds 1 No
Clothes-foot-shepherd-sandals.png Shepherd sandals 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-soldier-boots.png Soldier boots 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-squire-boots.png Squire boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-nomad-boots.png Nomad boots 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-foot-temptress-velvet-shoes.png Temptress velvet shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-tigh-high-boots.png Thigh-high boots 1 Yes
Clothes-foot-wool-lined-knee-high-boots.png Wool lined knee-high boots 1.5 No
Clothes-foot-worn-leather-boots.png Worn leather boots 0.5 Yes
Clothes-foot-blackguard-shoes.png Blackguard shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-clockmaker-shoes.png Clockmaker felt shoes 0.5 No
Clothes-foot-hunter-boots.png Hunter boots 1.5 No
Clothes-foot-malefactor-boots.png Malefactor wrapped boots 1 No
Clothes-foot-forlorn-shoes.png Forlorn Hope shoes 1 No
Tailor shoes 1 No
Clothes-foot-commoner-boots.png Commoner boots 1 No


Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by All Classes
Clothes-hand-fur-gloves.png Fur gloves 1.5 Yes
Clothes-hand-heavy-leather-gloves.png Heavy leather gloves 0.5 Yes
Clothes-hand-laced-handsome-gloves.png Laced handsome gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-lackey-gloves.png Lackey gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-minstrel-gloves.png Minstrel gloves 0.5 Clothier Only
Clothes-hand-noble-riding-gloves.png Noble riding gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-prince-gloves.png Prince gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-clockmaker-wristguard.png Clockmaker wristguard 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-hunter-gloves.png Hunter gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-malefactor-gloves.png Malefactor wrapped gloves 0.5 No
Clothes-hand-forlorn-bracer.png Forlorn Hope bracer 0.5 No
Tailor gloves 0.5 No
Leather bracers 0.5 Yes
Squire bracers 0 No
Clothes-hand-commoner-gloves.png Commoner gloves 0.5 No


All head clothes provide 1 warmth.

Item Icon Item Name Craftable by All Classes
Clothes-head-embriodered-coif.png Embriodered coif No
Clothes-head-fancy-head-dress.png Fancy head dress No
Clothes-head-fortune-tellers-scarf.png Fortune teller scarf Clothier Only
Clothes-head-gem-encrusted-fur-hat.png Gem encrusted fur hat No
Clothes-head-gold-coronet.png Gold coronet No
Clothes-head-jailors-hat.png Jailors hat No
Clothes-head-lackey-hat.png Lackey hat No
Clothes-head-merchant-hat.png Merchant hat No
Clothes-head-messengers-hat.png Messenger hat No
Clothes-head-minstrell-hat.png Minstrell hat Clothier Only
Clothes-head-noble-fillet.png Noble fillet No
Clothes-head-peasent-head-scarf.png Peasant head scarf Yes
Clothes-head-roll-hat.png Roll hat No
Clothes-head-shepherds-cowl.png Shepherd cowl No
Clothes-head-silver-diadem.png Silver diadem No
Clothes-head-snow-goggles.png Snow goggles No
Clothes-head-squire-hood.png Squire hood No
Clothes-head-hunter-cape.png Hunter cape No

Lower Body

Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by All Classes
Clothes-lowerbody-aristocrat-leggings.png Aristocrat leggings 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-dirty-linen-trousers.png Dirty linen trousers 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-fine-trousers.png Fine trousers 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-jailor-pants.png Jailor pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-lackey-breeches.png Lackey breeches 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-merchant-pants.png Merchant pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-messenger-trousers.png Messenger trousers 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-minstrel-pants.png Minstrel pants 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-noble-pants.png Noble pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-prince-breeches.png Prince breeches 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-reindeer-herder-trousers.png Reindeer herder trousers 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-raw-hide-trousers.png Rawhide trousers 2 Yes
Clothes-lowerbody-shepherd-pants.png Shepherd pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-squire-pants.png Squire pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-nomad-trousers.png Nomad trousers 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-lowerbody-tattered-peasent-gown.png Tattered peasant gown 2 Yes
Clothes-lowerbody-torn-riding-pants.png Torn riding pants 1 No
Clothes-lowerbody-warm-woolen-pants.png Warm woolen pants 3 No
Clothes-lowerbody-woolen-leggings.png Woolen leggings 3 No
Clothes-lowerbody-workmans-gown.png Workmans pants 2 Yes
Clothes-lowerbody-blackguard-leggings.png Blackguard leggings 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-clockmaker-pants.png Clockmaker pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-hunter-leggings.png Hunter leggings 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-malefactor-trousers.png Malefactor trousers 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-forlorn-pants.png Forlorn Hope pants 2 No
Clothes-lowerbody-commoner-trousers.png Commoner trousers 2 No


All neck clothes provide 0 warmth.

Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes
Clothes-neck-bronze-gem-necklace.png Bronze gem necklace No
Clothes-neck-copper-torc.png Copper torc No
Clothes-neck-fancy-royal-collar.png Fancy royal collar No
Clothes-neck-golden-necklace.png Golden necklace No
Clothes-neck-merchant-amulet.png Merchant amulet No
Clothes-neck-noble-necklace.png Noble necklace No
Walnut amulet Yes
Redwood amulet Yes
Pinecone amulet Yes
Larch seed amulet Yes
Cypress seed amulet Yes
Acorn amulet Yes
Clothes-neck-pearl-necklace.png Pearl necklace No
Clothes-neck-forlorn-talisman.png Forlorn Hope talisman No


Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by All Classes
Clothes-shoulder-aristocrat-mantle.png Aristocrat mantle 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-artisans-scarf.png Artisans scarf 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-blacksmith-apron.png Blacksmith apron 0.5 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-embroidered-collar.png Embroidered collar 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-embroidered-tartarean-scarf.png Embroidered tartar scarf 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-hooded-cape.png Hooded cape 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-jord-robe.png Jord robe 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-hunter-poncho.png Hunter poncho 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-longsleeve-pearl-moonrobe.png Longsleeve pearl moonrobe 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-minstrel-coat.png Minstrel coat 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-mooncloth-robe.png Mooncloth robe 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-noble-fur-collar.png Noble fur collar 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-peasent-kaftan.png Peasant kaftan 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-royal-fur.png Prince fur 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-shortsleeve-pearl-moonrobe.png Shortsleeve pearl moonrobe 1 Clothier Only
Clothes-shoulder-stained-leather-poncho.png Stained leather poncho 1 Yes
Clothes-shoulder-woolen-scarf.png Woolen scarf 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-squire-tunic.png Squire tunic 1 No
Clothes-shoulder-clockmaker-apron.png Clockmaker apron 0.5 No
Clothes-shoulder-forlorn-sash.png Forlorn Hope sash 1 No

Upper Body

All upper body clothes provide 2 warmth.

Item Icon Item Name Craftable by all Classes
Clothes-upperbody-aristocrat-shirt.png Aristocrat shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-azure-embroidered-shirt.png Azure embroidered shirt Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbody-hunter-shirt.png Hunter shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-great-steppe-shirt.png Great Steppe shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-earth-toned-robe.png Earth toned robe Yes
Clothes-upperbody-jailor-tunic.png Jailor tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-lackey-shirt.png Lackey shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-linen-tunic.png Linen tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-merchant-shirt.png Merchant shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-messenger-shirt.png Messenger shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-minstrel-shirt.png Minstrel shirt Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbody-noble-shirt.png Noble shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-pearl-shirt.png Pearl shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-peasent-shirt.png Peasant shirt Yes
Clothes-upperbody-prince-tunic.png Prince tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-reindeer-herder-collared-shirt.png Reindeer herder collared shirt Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbody-scarlet-ornate-linen-tunic.png Scarlet ornate linen tunic Yes
Clothes-upperbody-shepherd-tunic.png Shepherd tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-squire-shirt.png Squire shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-tattered-crimson-tunic.png Tattered crimson tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-tattered-linen-shirt.png Tattered linen shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-temptress-velvet-shirt.png Temptress velvet shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-woolen-shirt.png Woolen shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-blackguard-shirt.png Blackguard shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-clockmaker-shirt.png Clockmaker shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-malefactor-tunic.png Malefactor leather tunic No
Malefactor shirt No
Clothes-upperbody-forlorn-tunic.png Forlorn Hope tunic No
Clothes-upperbody-commoner-shirt.png Commoner shirt No
Clothes-upperbodyover-raw-hide-mantle.png Rawhide mantle Yes
Homespun shirt Yes
Pastoral shirt Clothier only

Upper Body Over

Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by All Classes
64px Great Steppe mantle 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-cerise-embroidered-reindeer-herder-coat.png Cerise embroidered reindeer herder coat 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-commoner-coat.png Commoner coat 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-fur-coat.png Fur coat 4 Yes
Clothes-upperbodyover-huntsmans-tunic.png Huntsmans tunic 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-jacarta-steppe-shepherds-mantle.png Jacarta steppe shepherds mantle 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-reindeer-herder-fur-coat.png Reindeer herder fur coat 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbodyover-spice-merchants-coat.png Spice merchants coat 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbodyover-nomad-mantle.png Nomad mantle 2 Clothier Only
Clothes-upperbodyover-travelers-earthrobe.png Travelers earthrobe 2 Yes
Clothes-upperbodyover-warm-robe.png Warm robe 2 Yes
Clothes-upperbodyover-clockmaker-tunic.png Clockmaker tunic 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-hunter-coat.png Hunter coat 2 No
Clothes-upperbodyover-malefactor-cloak.png Malefactor heavy cloak 2 No
Cobalt mantle 2 Clothier Only


Item Icon Item Name Warmth Craftable by all Classes
Clothes-waist-aristocrat-belt.png Aristocrat sash 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-cerise-embroidered-reindeer-herder-waistband.png Cerise embroidered reindeer herder waistband 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-fancy-royal-belt.png Fancy royal belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-fortune-teller-hip-scarf.png Fortune teller hip scarf 0.3 Clothier Only
Clothes-waist-gold-waist-chain.png Gold waist chain 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-heavy-belt.png Heavy belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-heavy-tool-belt.png Heavy tool belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-jailor-belt.png Jailor belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-linen-rope.png Linen rope 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-merchant-belt.png Merchant belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-messenger-belt.png Messenger belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-moss-embroidered-belt.png Moss embroidered belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-noble-sash.png Noble sash 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-peasent-strap.png Peasant strap 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-prince-waistband.png Prince waistband 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-reindeer-herder-waistband.png Reindeer herder waistband 0.3 Clothier Only
Clothes-waist-squire-belt.png Squire belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-sturdy-belt.png Sturdy belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-sturdy-leather-belt.png Sturdy leather belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-blackguard-belt.png Blackguard belt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-clockmaker-belt.png Clockmaker toolbelt 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-malefactor-sash.png Malefactor sash 0.3 No
Clothes-waist-forlorn-belt.png Forlorn Hope belt 0.3 No
Tailor belt 0.3 No

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