Cinematic Camera

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This tool allows you to make smooth flyovers of your builds. Currently only available through chat commands.

.cam [p|rp|start|stop|clear|load|save|alpha|tp] The cinematic camera tool system.

  • .cam p: Adds the current position to the list of places to visit
  • .cam rp: Removes the last added point
  • .cam clear: Removea all points
  • .cam start: Starts the cinematic camera, i.e. it will smoothly traverse all points
  • .cam stop: Stops the cinematic camera
  • .cam save: Exports the current list of points into your Clipboard (which you then can paste into any text editor)
  • .cam load [data]: Import supplied list of points
  • .cam tp [0 or 1]: Toggles whether to teleport you back to your previous position after the camera path has been completed
  • .cam alpha [0..1]: Modifies how the points are traversed by the camera (more rounded or more straight)