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Cheese making is an elaborate and work intensive process in which the player can turn milk in several steps into long lasting cheese.


To procure milk, the player needs to breed bighorn sheep. After giving birth, a female bighorn sheep will lactate for several days and can be milked with a bucket. For further info on how to breed animals and milk sheep, check the Animal Husbandry page.
Milk will stay fresh for about 8 days in a barrel.

Curdled Milk

Add pickled vegetables to a barrel of milk to curdle it.

To make curdled milk, the player needs to add at least 25 litres of milk into a barrel, and then add one pickled vegetable. After placing the pickled vegetables into the barrel, the tool tip will indicate that it can be sealed for 3 days to make curdled milk.
Curdled milk will stay fresh for about 8 days in a barrel.

Tip: To remove 10 litres from a barrel, use an empty bucket. To remove 1 litre from a bucket, use an empty bowl on a bucket.

Cottage Cheese

Add salt to a barrel of curdled milk to turn it into cottage cheese.

To make cottage cheese, the player needs to add salt to a barrel of curdled milk, with one salt for each 10 litres. After placing the salt into the barrel, the tool tip will indicate that it can be sealed for 24h to make cottage cheese.
Cottage cheese stays fresh for about 20 days in a barrel.


To make cheese, the cottage cheese must be squeezed to remove the liquid.

To make cheese, the player needs a barrel of at least 25 cottage cheese, and one piece of linen - all stitch types can be used. Shift + Right click the barrel with linen in hand to receive a curd bundle. Place the bundle on the ground with a right click, then right click the bundle with a stick in hand. This will place the stick as a handle. Right click and hold to twist the bundle until all the liquid is pressed out. Release right mouse button when the squeezing animation comes to a halt - the stick will swivel back into it's original position, and the player can open the bundle with another right click to reveal the raw cheese. Right click with at least 5 salt in your hand to turn into raw salted cheese.
This can be picket up and placed as is in a shelf, or crafted with one piece of wax in the crafting grid to receive waxed cheese, which will keep fresh longer. Raw cheese takes 14-20 days in a cellar to ripen, depending on local climate.

Cheddar Cheese

When raw cheese is aged in a normal cellar, it will turn into cheddar cheese. Normal salted cheddar keeps fresh for about 1.2 years in the inventory, while waxed cheddar keeps for 2.5 years. One cheese wheel has 4 slices, of which each gives 240 satiety. To eat cheese, place the cheese wheel onto a flat surface and right click with a knife in hand to cut up a slice. Waxed cheddar needs to be right clicked once with a knife - with the cheese placed in the world - to remove the wax layer, before it can be right clicked again to cut up a slice.

Blue Cheese

To make blue cheese, the raw salted cheese needs to be kept in a cellar with sun light level below 2. Additionally, the cellar needs to have at least one unblocked hole, while still ensuring that not too much light reaches the cheese. Be aware that leaving such a hole will very easily lead to sunlight from outside reaching the room, even if it is not positioned near a window to the outside. Using a long corridor with some corners or otherwise light-proofing the cellar is necessary.
Blue cheese keeps fresh for 1.6 years in the inventory. One cheese wheel has 4 slices, of which each gives 200 satiety.

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