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Charcoal is a player created fuel resource.

Grid Charcoal.png
Temperature 1300
Seconds 40


Charcoal is created in charcoal pits, which are chambers or sealed spaces where enclosed stacks of firewood are burned.

Required materials

Construction of a charcoal pit requires: firewood (cut using an axe), Dry grass (harvested with a knife), and solid blocks to create an airtight shell.

Building a Charcoal Pit

  1. Place firewood in stacks. (Players may choose to dig a pit, as shown in the graphic below, or place stacks above ground.)
  2. Create an airtight shell by enclosing the stacks in dirt blocks or any non-combustible block, but leave one block on top of the pit open.
  3. Build a firepit directly on top of the accessible stack of firewood at the top of the pit.
  4. As of 1.12.7, you need to ignite the firepit with a firestarter or a torch.
  5. Quickly seal the pit by placing one block on top of the fire pit. (Players have 30 seconds to seal the shell or the process will not work)
  6. The pile will create smoke particles, indicating that the process is taking place.
  7. When the pile stops smoking (18 game hours), the process is complete.
  8. Remove the shell and collect the charcoal using bare hands or a shovel

Charcoal-step1.png Charcoal-step2.png Charcoal-step3.png Charcoal-step4.png Charcoal-step5.png

Dimensions and Considerations

  • If the charcoal pile is not sealed within 30 seconds of ignition, charcoal will not be produced. If "burning" sounds are coming from the pit, charcoal will not be created! Quickly open the shell and extinguish the flames with buckets of water before the firewood burns to ash. Fill the empty spaces with firewood and rebuild the shell to try again.
  • The maximum size of any charcoal pit is a 13x13x13 cube. Firewood up to 6 blocks away, in any direction, from the firepit will be made into charcoal. This means that the largest volume of firewood that can be processed in one pit is 13³-2 (2,195 blocks), which will have an average yield of 12,072.5 charcoal.
  • The yield for each stack of 32 firewood is between 4 and 7 charcoal, the average yield of each stack is 5.5 charcoal.
  • The firepit built on top of the firewood stacks does not require any additional fuel apart from the 4 pieces of firewood automatically input on creation.



Charcoal is the first type of fuel capable of generating temperatures high enough (1300°C) to smelt metal ores such as Copper (1084°C). Charcoal can be used as fuel for the firepit in casting, in the bloomery, in the cementation furnace when making steel, and in the forge when smithing.

In the bloomery, charcoal can be used to smelt items at a higher temperature. For example, quartz has a required temperature of 1350°C, yet charcoal can still be used as the fuel to smelt it.


Charcoal can be used as the Carbon Black pigment when labeling chests and signs.

Cave art

Charcoal can be used to draw cave art on full stone or wooden blocks.

Drawing cave art is done by having charcoal in hand, holding 'Ctrl' and pressing the right mouse button.

The cave art to be drawn can be chosen by having charcoal in hand, looking at a cave art viable block and pressing 'F'.

Cave art can be removed by using a watering can.


Charcoal stacks to 64, may be carried in player inventory, or stored in containers.

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