Chain Armor

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Chain armor is a type of metal armor.


The body and leg parts of chain armor are made from leather jerkin armor parts and chain of any kind. Only the chain helmet requires no prior armor parts and is instead crafted directly from 3 chain.

Armor Tiers and Durability

Different types of armors offer different protection values and durability. Additionally, they may hinder your movements speed and add to your hunger gain.
With moderate durability and minor penalty in walking speed, HP regeneration and bow accuracy/draw charge - depending on the metal used - the chain armor still makes for a good choice both for exploration and combat.

Armor Protection Tier Durability Percent Protection
Copper 1 600
Gold 1 400
Silver 2 500
Bismuth Bronze 2 650
Tin Bronze 2 700
Black Bronze 2 750
Iron 3 800
Meteoric Iron 3 1500
Steel 4 1000


Chain armor can be further "improved" into either scale armor or Plate armor.