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Block reinforcement is another "soft" method of protecting your property in multiplayer. It allows you to reinforce almost any block, requiring other players to break given block multiple times before it actually breaks and drops. There are also locks which let you lock doors and chests which can be used in combination.

Basic instructions:

  • Craft yourself a plumb and square
  • Collect reinforcement material and put it in your hotbar. These are the available ones:
    • Granite, Peridotite, Andesite, Basalt or Obsidian stones: 50 Strength
    • Copper ingot: 150 Strength
    • Tin and Bismuth bronze ingot: 300 Strength
    • Black bronze ingot: 400 Strength
    • Iron ingot: 800 Strength
  • Right click with the plumb and square in hands on a block to reinforce it
  • Left click to remove your own reinforcement

Other capabilities:

  • Locking: On the anvil you can smith bronze and iron padlocks. If you right click with a padlock in hands on a door or chest, then these can no longer be opened by other players
  • Granting access: A number of commands are available to grant access to locked blocks
    • /bre grant [playername] use grants given player the ability to open your own chests and doors. Use /bre revoke to revoke it again.
    • /bre grantgroup [groupname] use grants given player group the ability to open your own chests and doors. Use /bre revokegroup to revoke it again.

Video Tutorials

English guide how to use the Blockreinforcement German guide how to use the Blockreinforcement