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White currant
Stackable 64
Satiety 80
Category Fruit
Fresh Time 48 hrs
Transition Time 12 hrs
Transition Ratio 0.25

Berries are a wild-grown plant that can be harvested for edible berries, which provide fruit satiety. There are a variety of different berries that can be found in the game.


Berries are found as wild-growing berry bushes. Berry bushes cannot be propagated, grown or farmed, though the berry bush blocks can be broken and replanted on soil blocks. The fertility of the soil they are placed on has no impact on their ability to grow and produce berries. Berry bushes can also be stacked on top of each other. They cannot be planted in a flowerpot.

Berry bushes can be found in nearly all biomes, except for the extreme arctic or desert biomes. Red currant, black currant and white currant bushes can be found in temperate biomes, while cranberries and blueberries can be found in colder biomes. Blueberries tend to spawn in forest areas.

Berry bushes go through three stages: empty, flowering and ripe. Berry bushes take 4 days to go from empty to flowering, and 4 days to go from flowering to ripe. Berry bushes only ripen in spring, summer and autumn; even in a greenhouse, berry bushes will not ripen in winter. Berries are harvested from ripe berry bushes, which does not break the bush. Fully mature bushes yield multiple berries when harvested.

Berries may also be sold by the agricultural trader.


Berries may be eaten without cooking. All berries provide 80 satiety when eaten, except for cranberries which provide 60 satiety. They may be used for advanced cooking, to create porridge and meat stews as a secondary ingredient. Berries can be preserved with honey by turning it into jam.

Berries decay rapidly, which makes preservation difficult. However, this short freshness timer, and the potential ease of collecting berries, means they may be purposefully gathered and left to rot to create compost.

Berries may also be juiced in a fruit press, and berry juice can further fermented and distilled into alcohol. Fermented berry juices produce berry wines, and can be distilled into berry brandy.

Some berries may also be used to produce dyes.

Berry types

Berry Fruit satiety Other uses
Blueberry 80 Dye (purple)
Cranberry 60 Dye (pink)
Red currant 80 --
Black currant 80 Dye (purple)
White currant 80 --

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