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ゲームを進めるには、さまざまな素材を集める必要があります。しかし、その中には集めるために追加の作業が必要になるものもあります。それこそが道具の目的です! 道具は、素手では不可能か非現実的な資源の採取を可能にする基本アイテムです。様々な種類があり、その素材(ティア)によって分類されます。



  • ハンタークラスは動物の剥ぎ取り速度が10%増加します。
  • ブラックガードクラスは採掘速度が10%増加します。
  • テーラークラスは採掘速度と動物の剥ぎ取り速度が10%低下します。



















Image Tool Function Description
Grid CopperAxe.png Axe Harvesting, Crafting Used for cutting down trees and breaking leaf blocks, as well as wood derived blocks like logs, planks, fences, gates and other wooden building components. Used to create firewood in the crafting grid and for other crafting recipes.
Grid Copper knife.png Knife Harvesting, Crafting Used for harvesting plant blocks, including grass, mushrooms, and Cooper's Reed. Used for harvesting meat from animals, for leather working, and for crafting recipes.
Grid CopperShovel.png Shovel Harvesting Used for harvesting terrain blocks including soil, clay, peat, sand, and gravel.
Grid CopperHoe.png Hoe Special, Harvesting Used in farming to convert soil into farmland. Used for harvesting terrain blocks including soil.
Grid CopperPick.png Pickaxe Harvesting Used for breaking ceramic, stone, and stone derived blocks. Used to harvest rock and ores.
Grid Copper prospecting pick.png Prospecting Pick Special Breaks rock, but does not drop items from mined blocks; used to detect the presence of nearby ores when mining.
Grid CopperHammer.png Hammer Special, Crafting Used in smithing, and to crush stones/ores in the crafting grid.
Grid Copper Chisel.png Chisel Special, Crafting Used to stylize blocks. Paired with the hammer, it can be used to polish rock, create stone bricks, or carving wooden gears and axles in the crafting grid.
Grid CopperSaw.png Saw Harvesting, Crafting Used in grid crafting to create boards (the primary component required to create wooden items and blocks), cutting glass into slabs, and carving wooden gears. Used to harvest wood derived blocks.
Grid CopperShears.png Shears Harvesting Used to break leaf blocks and branchy leaf blocks, as well as harvesting seeds and sticks from trees.
Grid copper cleaver.png Cleaver Special Used to easily kill third generation domesticated animals bred using animal husbandry.
Grid Scythe.png Scythe Harvesting Used in farming to harvest crops or collect grass in a big radius.
Grid Tin bronze helve hammer.png Helve Hammer Crafting Used in smithing, along with a helve hammer base and a toggle, via mechanization using a windmill.
Grid Firestarter.png Firestarter Special Used for starting firepits, pit kilns, and other structures on fire. Sneak and hold the right click to start heating it up.
Pan-wooden.png Panning Special Used to acquire minerals from sand and gravel terrain blocks. Right click a sand block while holding the wooden pan and hold right click to start panning for minerals. Don’t forget to stand on water!
Plumb and Square.png Plumb and Square Special Used to reinforce blocks, having to be broken multiple times to disappear.
Grid Padlock.png Padlock Special Used to protect container blocks, preventing other players from accessing them. Right click a container block with the padlock in your active hand to lock it.

Tool Tiers

The material used to create the weapon determines their tier. In general, higher tier tools have more durability (lasts longer), provide faster mining speeds (faster to use) and allow you to break certain blocks other tiers can’t. Higher tier tools will also require advanced material and crafting processes to create.

Tier Material Tools available Description
Tier 0 Metal-scraps.png Metal scraps Only axe Some tools can be made from metal scraps in an emergency or as first solutions in the early game. To get a scrap tool, the player needs to craft a scrap weapon kit, which can be right clicked to receive a random scrap weapon or tool.
Tier 1 Flint.png Stones Only knife, axe, shovel, and hoe Stone tools are made by knapping. Stone tools made of flint or other stones offer the player a limited selection of tools, but are the only early game option.
Tier 2 Ingot-copper.png Copper All except helve hammer Copper tools can be made by casting or smithing, although all metal tools can be made from copper, not all tools can be made using the casting mechanic. These tools can also be crafted from the rare base metals gold and silver.
Ingot-gold.png Gold
Ingot-silver.png Silver
Tier 3 Ingot-tin.png Tin Bronze All except helve hammer Bronze alloy tools can be made by casting or smithing, although all metal tools can be made from bronze alloys, not all tools can be made using the casting mechanic.
Ingot-bismuth.png Bismuth bronze All
Ingot-blackbronze.png Black bronze All
Tier 4 Ingot-iron.png Iron All Iron tools can only be made by smithing. All available metal tools can be smithed from iron.
Ingot-meteoriciron.png Meteoric Iron Meteoric iron tools can only be made by smithing. All available metal tools can be smithed from meteoric iron.
Tier 5 Ingot-steel.png Steel All Steel tools can only be made by smithing. All available metal tools can be smithed from steel.

Special Cases

Certain tools who don’t have a tier include the Firestarter, Plumb and Square, Padlock, and Wooden Pan

Tool Stats

As explained before, some tools have certain attributes that make them ideal for breaking certain types of blocks, reducing the time it takes to break them. Some of these are:


Material Mining Speed Durability
Wood Plants Leaves
Other stones 2.6x 2.2x 1.7x 50
Flint 2.8x 2.2x 1.6x 60
Obsidian 3.5x 2.7x 2.4x 90
Scrap 4.0x 2.6x 2.2x 125
Copper 5.0x 2.8x 2.4x 250
Gold 4.0x 3.3x 3.0x 500
Silver 4.0x 3.3x 3.0x 125
Bismuth bronze 5.4x 3.5x 2.6x 125
Tin bronze 5.8x 3.8x 3.0x 400
Black bronze 6.3x 4.0x 3.1x 600
Iron 8.0x 5.0x 3.2x 900
Meteoric iron 9.0x 5.5x 3.6x 1200
Steel 10x 6.0x 4.0x 1800


Material Mining Speed Durability
Other stones 1.0x 45
Basalt 1.1x 45
Flint 1.2x 65
Obsidian 1.2x 80
Copper 1.5x 300
Gold 1.6x 500
Silver 1.6x 450
Bismuth bronze 1.7x 150
Tin bronze 1.8x 150
Black bronze 1.9x 550
Iron 2.0x 900
Meteoric iron 2.2x 1200
Steel 2.4x 2250


Material Mining Speed Durability
Soil Sand Gravel Snow
Other stones 2.2x 2.2x 1.9x 1.9x 60
Flint 2.5x 2.2x 1.9x 1.9x 90
Obsidian 3.0x 3.0x 2.2x 2.2x 100
Copper 4.0x 4.0x 2.6x 2.6x 400
Bismuth bronze 5.0x 5.0x 3.2x 3.2x 650
Tin bronze 5.4x 5.4x 3.6x 3.6x 600
Gold 5.4x 5.4x 3.6x 3.6x 200
Silver 5.4x 5.4x 3.6x 3.6x 200
Black bronze 5.5x 5.5x 3.7x 3.7x 700
Iron 6.0x 6.0x 4.0x 4.0x 1200
Meteoric iron 6.5x 6.5x 4.2x 4.2x 1400
Steel 7.0x 7.0x 4.4x 4.4x 3000


Material Mining Speed Durability
Other stones 2.2x 30
Basalt 2.2x 35
Flint 2.2x 40
Obsidian 2.2x 50
Copper 2.6x 200
Bismuth bronze 3.2x 300
Tin bronze 3.6x 280
Gold 3.6x 90
Silver 3.6x 90
Black bronze 3.6x 330
Iron 4.0x 500
Meteoric iron 4.15x 600
Steel 4.4x 1250


Material Mining Speed Durability
Ceramic Stone Ore Metal Ice
Copper 1.5x 4.0x 4.0x 4.0x 1.75x 300
Bismuth bronze 2.0x 5.5x 5.5x 5.5x 2.2x 500
Tin bronze 2.25x 6.0x 6.0x 6.0x 2.3x 450
Gold 1.75x 5.0x 5.0x 5.0x 2.0x 150
Silver 1.75x 5.0x 5.0x 5.0x 2.0x 175
Black bronze 2.5x 6.5x 6.5x 6.5x 2.8x 550
Iron 2.75x 7.5x 7.5x 7.5x 3.5x 1000
Meteoric iron 3.0x 8.0x 8.0x 8.0x 3.75x 1300
Steel 3.25x 9.0x 9.0x 9.0x 4.25x 2500


Material Mining Speed Durability
Wood Leaves
Copper 4.0x 2.4x 250
Bismuth bronze 4.4x 2.6x 450
Tin bronze 4.6x 3.0x 400
Gold 4.6x 3.0x 70
Silver 4.6x 3.0x 90
Black bronze 4.7x 3.1x 500
Iron 5.0x 3.2x 900
Meteoric iron 5.5x 3.6x 1200
Steel 6.0x 4.0x 2250


Material Mining Speed Durability
Copper 1.0x 1000
Bismuth bronze 1.0x 2000
Tin bronze 1.0x 1750
Gold 1.0x 750
Silver 1.0x 750
Black bronze 1.0x 2250
Iron 1.0x 3800
Meteoric iron 1.0x 7500
Steel 1.0x 9500


Material Mining Speed Durability
Copper 1.0x 450
Bismuth bronze 1.0x 900
Tin bronze 1.0x 600
Gold 1.0x 15
Silver 1.0x 187
Black bronze 1.0x 900
Iron 1.0x 1350
Meteoric iron 1.0x 1800
Steel 1.0x 3400

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