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Ruins are a type of structure generated by the game. Ruins can be found both above ground and underground.

Surface Ruins

Surface Ruins are found scattered across the world, often containing cracked vessels or constructed from unique blocks.

There are many kinds of ruins, some common, some rare.

The most common type is a building foundation, a piece of wall, or a section of ancient bridge, crumbled and falling. These ruins often contain seeds or common raw materials, and sometimes have bony soil and/or Cobble skull blocks.

Larger structures in better shape also appear, often with a larger amount or better quality of loot.

Sometimes ancient ritual sites or barrows can be found. These are constructed from smooth stone and are often half buried by time. Some of these structures can be quite impressive.

Underground Ruins

Underground Ruins are found throughout the world, connected to caverns. These ruins are often full of aged planks, various kinds of aged furniture, paintings, cracked vessels, and other decorative items that are impossible to acquire otherwise, making it well worth the time to hunt them down and loot their contents.

Of particular note are aged planks, which are used for various special recipes, such as wooden paths.

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