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Here in Vintage Story, the nights and caves can be quite dark and scary. Players may want more light than the environment provides. Many of these options can be held in the hand to provide dynamic lighting and will illuminate the area as players walk around. Here are some options to help:

Table of Light Sources

The table below includes all light sources (craftable and lootable).

Light source Duration Intensity
Firepit extinct 3
Firepit while fuelled 16
Oil Lamp infinite 11
Torch 3 days 14
Torch in Holder infinite 14
Candle infinite 1 candle = light level 7

(+1 light level per additional candle, up to 9 candles)

Lantern (no lining) infinite 18
Lantern (with lining) infinite 20
Chandelier infinite 1 candle = light level 8

(+2 light level per additional candle, up to 8 candles)


Firepit lit.png

The firepit provides light as long as it has fuel.



Torches are the simplest light source to make. They are crafted by adding sticks and two dry grass together in the grid, then lighting the result up on another torch, firepit or firelighter. Torches last forever when carried in player inventory or stored in a container, but burn out after 48 hours when placed onto a block.

Torch Holder


Will prevent torches from burning out when placed onto a block. Metal torch holders can be found in ruins, and Brass torch holders can be crafted using two plates in the crafting grid.

Oil Lamp


Oil lamps are fairly easy to craft in early game. Oil lamps are made by combining a lump of fat and a fired bowl in the crafting grid. They don't provide much light when compared to other light sources, but don't burn out when placed on a block.


Grid Candle.png

Candles, made from wax (see beekeeping) can be a good permanent light source. Multiple candles can be placed in a block, which increases the light output of that block.


Grid Lantern.png

Lanterns provide the highest craftable illumination, but are expensive to create. Lanterns are crafted using a candle, metal plate and glass slabs or clear quartz nuggets in the crafting grid. The best light source players can craft are lined lanterns, which require gold or silver. You can change the color of the light by right-clicking on a placed lantern with a colored glass (you won't get the previous glass back).



Chandeliers can only be found in ruins or acquired from traders, they cannot be crafted by the player. They need to be equipped with up to 8 candles, and can at the moment reach a maximum light level that is 16.

Video Tutorials

Detailed explanation of how to craft a lantern
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