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Commands offer advanced features and configuration abilities for your game. There are really 2 lists of commands - Client and Server. The client is what displays your game on the screen, plays the sounds, takes in your controls and lets you connect to a game server (single or multiplayer). Client commands are those that usually just affect the appearance of your game, while server commands allows you to modify the world or configuration of the game.

All commands are typed in the chat window in order to execute them. A client command always starts with a dot (.), while a server command always starts with a slash (/).

Here is a list of the most useful ones. See the temporarily attached full list from at the bottom of the page. You can use .help [command] to see its help.

Client Commands

Client Commands

  • .fog [density] [minfog]
    Sets the density of the world fog. Useful density value are in the range of 0 and 0.1, default value is 0.004
    The minfog determines a minimum amount of fog that is always applied, default is 0
  • .cam [p|rp|start|stop|clear|load|save|alpha|tp]
    The cinematic camera tool system.
    • .cam p: Adds the current position to the list of places to visit
    • .cam rp: Removes the last added point 
    • .cam clear: Removea all points
    • .cam start: Starts the cinematic camera, i.e. it will smoothly traverse all points
    • .cam stop: Stops the cinematic camera
    • .cam save: Exports the current list of points into your Clipboard (which you then can paste into any text editor)
    • .cam load [data]: Import supplied list of points 
    • .cam tp [0 or 1]: Toggles whether to teleport you back to your previous position after the camera path has been completed
    • .cam alpha [0..1]: Modifies how the points are traversed by the camera (more rounded or more straight)
  • .clearchat
    Clears your chat history
  • .clientconfig [parameterName] [parameterValue]
    Changes client configuration at runtime.
    Lets set any parameter value that is available in the clientsettings.json file.
    Added at v1.3.5.
    • .clientconfig floatyGuis [1|0]: Enables/disables the experimental feature where chest dialogs float above the chests. (introduced v1.5.1).
    • .clientconfig set showentitydebuginfo [0|1]: Displays arbitrary debug information above entities. (introduced v1.3.6).
      May require corresponding server command /entity debug 1
    • .clientconfig set ssaa [0.5|2]: Controls Sampling Pixel Rate.
      0.5 value enables 0.5x Sampling rate and gives 50% performance gain at the cost of reduced graphics quality for ultra low end hardware.
      2 value enables 2-4x Sampling rate. Very laggy but allows making massive screenshots (e.g. 7680x4320 pixels) and is supposed to be used with .clientconfig set scaleScreenshot 0
      (introduced v1.3.5).
    • .clientconfig gammaLevel [level]: Allows to set gamma level in survival mode.
      Value 1 is the default 100%, 1.5 is good amount brighter.
      Use Macros Manager (Ctrl-M) in game to assign these commands to hotkeys.
      Depending on your operating system setup, you might have to use comma instead of dot as the decimal delimiter.

  • .debug wireframe chunk
    Shows chunk borders. /debug also exists.
    Use .help debug for more info on debug commands.
    Also typing just .debug wireframe will give some help info. Same for other commands.
  • .reloadmodels
    Reloads all json models from assets/blockshapes. Can be used to quickly test new block shapes.
    Notice: The chunks are not redrawn, so you'd have to force a redraw e.g. by placing and removing a block
  • .viewdistance
    Sets the viewing distance. Same as setting the view distance in the graphics settings but with no upper limit
    For viewing distances above 1000 blocks you also have to set the .zfar value above that. 
  • .zfar [value]
    Sets the clipping plane distance, everything beyond given value is no longer visible (default value is 1000)
    Very high values will cause Z-Fighting glitches

Server Commands

  • /ci
    Current chunk info
  • /seed
    Shows the world seed
  • /gamemode [0..4] 
    Sets your game mode:
    • 0 = Guest mode. Cannot place/remove any blocks but can interact with them
    • 1 = Survival mode. Can slowly break/place blocks. Can die. Cannot fly. Survival inventory.
    • 2 = Creative mode. Access to all blocks through the creative inventory. Instant block breaking. Cannot die. Can fly.
    • 3 = Spectator mode. Cannot place/remove blocks and cannot interact with anything. But can fly.
  • /gamemode [playername] [0..4]
    Sets the gamemode for given player
  • /clear
    Removes all items from your inventory
  • /kill
    Kills yourself
  • /pm (playername) (message)
    Send a private message to a user (creates a temporary group)
  • /welcome (message)
    Set the servers welcome message
  • /clearentities
    Kills all entities in the loaded chunks (except for players)
  • /entity
    Add, remove, and count entities (item drops, creatures, etc).
    • /entity spawn (entitytype)
      Spawn an entity by type.
      The valid type names (as of are:
      wolf-male, wolf-female, sheep-bighorn-male, sheep-bighorn-female, sheep-bighorn-lamb, pig-wild-piglet, pig-wild-male, pig-wild-female, drifter, strawdummy, chicken-hen, chicken-baby, chicken-rooster
    • /entity countbytype (entitytype)
      Count how many entities of a given type exist.
    • /entity removebytype (entitytype)
      Remove all entities of a given type.
    • /entity countbyclass (entityclass)
      Count how many entities of a given class (such as entityitem or entityagent) exist.
    • /entity removebyclass (entityclass)
      Remove all entities of a given class.
    • /entity listnearest [x y z] (ver-range) (hor-range)
      This command exists, but is not completely implemented as of
  • /serverconfig
    Modify the server config
    • /serverconfig maxchunkradius (integer)
      Displays the max chunk radius. If an integer value is passed it will set the max chunk radius.
    • /serverconfig maxclients (integer)
      Displays the maxclients. If an integer value is passed it will set the maxclients.
    • /serverconfig password
      Sets the server password
    • /serverconfig antiabuse (Off|Basic|Pedantic)
      Sets antiabuse level
    • /serverconfig onlywhitelist (bool)
      Sets or shows the onlywhitelist value
    • /serverconfig entityspawning (bool)
      Toggle on/off global entity spawning

  • /time [set|get|speed]
    Time related functions
    • /time
      Shows current time
    • /time set day 
      Sets the internal clock to 9 am
    • /time set night 
      Sets the internal clock to 7 pm
    • /time set [time]
      Sets the internal calendar to given time. Examples: /time set 12:00
    • /time speed 
      Shows current game time speed
    • /time speed 0-99999 
      Sets the game time speed (default 60)
  • /tp [coordinates]
    Teleport yourself to a different position
    • /tp x y z
      Teleports player to given pretty coordinate (visible from the pretty coordinate box when pressing 'C')
    • /tp =x =y =z
      Teleports player to given absolute coordinate (visible from the debug screen on ALT + F3)
    • /tp ~x ~y ~z
      Teleports player by a given relative distance (i.e. teleport ~1 ~0 ~0 will teleport the player one block in x direction)
  • /tp [playername] [coordinates]
    Teleport given player to a different position
  • /group [create|disband|rename|invite|acceptinvite|leave|list|kick|op|deop] 
    Create/manage or destrory a player group
    • /group create [groupname] Creates a new player group (=own chat channel)
      While in the this groups chat channel:
      • /group invite [playername] Invites a player to this group
      • /group acceptinvite [groupname] Accept an invite to join the group
      • /group leave Leaves this player group
      • /group list Lists all groups you are currently in
      • /group rename newgroupname Renames the group
      • /group kick [playername] Removes a player from the group
      • /group op [playername] Grants operator status to this player, which allows him to invite other players.
      • /group deop [playername] Revokes operator status from this player.
      • /group disband Destroy a player group. Must be owner to perform this command
  • Server Specific Tools
    • /bir [getid|getcode|remap] Block id remapper tools. Useful to fix broken blocks after removing/updating custom blocks
    • /forceloadchunks x1 z1 x2 z1 [sendtoclient] Tells the server to load given area and prevents unloading. If "sendtoclient" is added it will also forcefully send all these chunks to the client.
    • /sendchunks [0 or 1] Toggles whether to send any new chunks to the client (force sending chunks are sent anyway)
    • /reloadmods Reloads all server mods that support reloading
  • Multiplayer Specific Tools
    • /welcome Sets the servers welcome message
    • /stop Shuts down the server
    • /privgrp [playername] [groupname] Puts a player into a privilege group
    • /serverconfig defaultspawn [x] [y] [z] Moves default world spawn
    • /op [playername] Shorthand for /privgrp Admin [playername]
    • /addarea Add a build permission area
    • /delarea Remove a build permission area
    • /addpriv Add a privilege to a permission group
    • /removepriv Remove a privilge from a permission group
    • /ban [reason] Ban a player
    • /unband [playername] Unban a player
    • /kick[reason] Kick a player


  • /macro [addcmd|setcmd|syntax|desc|priv|save|delete|show|list]
    Create a server side macro that can execute one ore multiple commands
    • /macro addcmd [command without /]  Add a command to a temporary macro
    • /macro setcmd[command without /]  Set a command to a temporary macro (removes previously added ones)
    • /macro syntax Sets the syntax help info displayed when using /help
    • /macro desc Sets the description text displayed when using /help
    • /macro priv Sets the privilege required to execute this command, e.g. controlserver if only for admins or build for any player with build rights
    • /macro show Shows the contents temporary macro currently being defined by above commands
    • /macro save [name] Saves the temporary macro defined by above command to given command name
    • /macro list Shows a list of all saved macros
    • /macro show [name] Shows the contents of a saved macro
    • /macro delete [name] Deletes a previously saved macro
    • /macro discard [name] Discards the temporary macro


Full command list from

.blockitempngexport - Export all items and blocks as png images
.cam - Cinematic camera tools
.cdensity - Set large and small cloud density
.cdensitylarge - Set large cloud density
.cdensitysmall - Set small cloud density
.chatsize - Set the chat dialog width and height (default 400x160)
.clearchat - Clear all chat history
.client+ - Client+ configuration command.
.clientconfig - Set/Gets a client setting
.clients - List of connected players
.clight - Set Cloud lightness
.cp - Copy something to your clipboard
.crand - Set large and small cloud noise.
.cviewdist - Sets the cloud view distance. Will be reset when view distance in graphics settings are changed.
.debug - Debug utilities
.edi - Show/Hide Exented information on debug screen, e.g. block lighting.
.fbdeb - Toggle Framebuffer/WOIT Debug mode
.fountain - Toggle Particle fountain
.freemove - Toggle Freemove
.gui - Hide/Show all GUIs
.help - Display list of availble client commands
.lockfly - Locks a movement axis during flying/swimming
.logticks - Toggle Tick profiling. Won't log ticks below the thresholf.
.moon - Prints the current moon phase.
.movespeed - Set Movespeed
.music - Shows current music track
.netbenchmark - Toggles network benchmarking
.noclip - Toggle noclip
.online - Prints list of online players.
.pastemode - Set the chats paste mode. If set to multi pasting multiple lines will produce multiple chat lines.
.recomposechat - Recompose chat dialogs
.reconnect - Reconnect to server
.reload - Asseted reloading utility. Incase of shape reload will also Re-tesselate. Incase of textures will regenerate the texture atlasses.
.resolution - Sets the screen size to given width and height
.serverinfo - Display information about server info
.spawndecal - Spawn a decal at position
.tfedit - Opens the Transform Editor
.time - Read local game time or speed
.viewdistance - Set view distance
.vrec - Video Recorder Tools
.we - World edit toolbar
.zfar - Sets the zfar clipping plane. Useful when up the limit of 1km view distance.

Type .help [commandname] to see this commands arguments

/addarea - Add a build permission to a world area
/announce - Announce a server wide message in all groupIds
/ban - Ban a player (will also kick him if online)
/bir - Block id remapper info and fixing tool
/chunkunload - Toggle on/off whether the server (and thus in turn the client) should unload chunks
/cit - Chunk information from the supply chunks thread
/clear - Clear a players inventory
/clearentities - Removes all entities (except playerentities and blockentities) from all loaded chunks
/debug - Debug utilities
/delarea - Remove a build permission to a world area
/entity - Entity control
/expclang - Export a list of block and item translations and add placeholders for missing translations
/forceloadchunks - Forces the server to preload all chunks columns in given area and won't unload them until restarted. If 'sendtoclient' is supplied these chunks are also sent to client once loaded
/gamemode - Get or Set a players gamemode. Short hand for /player (playername) gamemode
/genbackup - Create a hardcopy of the current save game
/gencaves - Cave generator test tool. Deletes all chunks in the area and generates inverse caves around the world middle
/giveblock - Give blocks to a player
/giveitem - Give items to a player
/group - Manage a player group
/groupinvite [on|off] - Enables or disables group invites to be sent to you
/help - Display list of available server commands
/iir - Item id remapper info and fixing tool
/kick - Kick a player
/kill - Kill yourself
/list - Show global lists (clients, areas, areasatpos, banned, roles or privileges)
/macro - Create or delete a macro
/moderrors - Lists the error messages from loading mods
/op - Give a player admin status. Shorthand for /player (playername) role admin
/player - Modify/See player related data
/pm - Send a private message to a user (creates a temporary group)
/reloadmods - Reloads all server mods
/role - Modify/See player role related data
/seed - Shows the current world seed
/sendchunks - Allows toggling of the normal chunk generation/sending operations to all clients. Force loaded chunks are not affected by this switch
/serverconfig - Modify the server config
/setambient - Sets the server controlled ambient for everyone. Json format.
/stats - Server stats
/stop - Shut down the server
/time - Get or set game world time
/tp - Teleport to player or position
/unban - Unban a player
/we - World edit tools
/welcome - Set the servers welcome message
/wgen - World generator tools

Type /help [commandname] to see this commands arguments