Adding mods

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There may come a time you want to augment your Vintage Story game with a mod. To add a mod to your game first, download the mod from the forums. The mod will download to your downloads folder. To get to your downloads folder open your file explorer File explorer.png. Next open in the following order Local Disk(C:) > Users > Your username > Downloads. From there either copy or cut the mod you downloaded. Next, you need to go to your game files. Up at the top click on your username. Look for AppData. If you don't see it, it's because it is hidden. To view hidden files click on View at the very top. Near the right hand side of the bar that just changed you should see a box next to Hidden items. Checkmark that box. Now open in the following order AppData > Roaming > VintagestoryData > Mods. Once in that folder paste the mod you downloaded. At this point if you game is open close and reopen it or if it is already closed, just open it and your mod will be loaded.